Rainy Days

Day 3 of rain and wind here in NYC.  I do enjoy how it makes curling up with a good book and a beer the best option for your day, but I am getting a little tired of having a good excuse not to go out and run or go to the gym.  The weather here has really had a grip on controlling my schedule.  When you have to walk everywhere, and the weather is harsh, it makes your destination seem a lot less attractive.  I would say that it also made life cheaper, but with so many delivery options available that isn’t even the truth.

Shannon and I were escorted around the French Culinary Institute yesterday for a lovely afternoon.  We went down to Soho and met up with one of their tour guides who walked us through all of there kitchens, showcasing the culinary arts, pastry, and bread making classes, and as we walked introduced first hand to all of the wonderful dishes that were being concocted at the time.  I do not actually have the time to write down everything we ate, but all of it was amazing.  They also sent us home with an armful of different breads from the master bakers which turned into our lunch after a stop off at Dean & Deluca’s for some artisan cheeses.  I would highly recommend to anyone scheduling a visit to your local culinary schools simply for a tour, it is free, and delicious.  While we were at the French Culinary Institute we wandered through a final test for some of the students, and proctoring the final exam was one of our favorite chefs, Cesare!  As we trounced through the middle of a panel of judges scrutinizing a student we caught sight of our favorite portly Italian, who surprisingly immediately recognized us.  Dan, we definitely need to stop back in to see him when you return.  After our brief run in with the chef I am positive our tour guide thought we were bored millionaires with nothing better to do with our time then to harass him.  Verdict: French Culinary Institute = Incredible.

Today Shannon and I are actually going to make it to the gym in spite of sheeting rain.  We are going to sand down the top of our kitchen island, and refinish it.  We are going to cook some soup, and not quick soup, but the kind that sits on the stove top all day.  We are going to continue our streak of really bad movies, last night New Moon, tonight….?

Anyways, Hope all is well out there where you are!

Hold On to Your Seats!

Just a quick update… Things are pretty chaotic here.  Between negotiations with Gary Muhrcke, to finding Shan a cool job, to looking forwards to new, better, and bigger options, it has really been an intense week.  Shannon and I are both  seeking out a lot of new school options, and have found ourselves both questioning what are chosen paths should be.  Luckily we are 24, and in a city built upon opportunities.  I guess this is the time and place to nail down where we are headed.  We have in fact secured one goal in our minds: To live in room pictured below.  Go Brontosaurus!    Anyways, this summer is going to be a time for growth for both Shannon and I in NYC.  Luckily we will have Dan living out here with us, and possibly (hopefully) my sister as well, which can only mean good things to come!  Here are some more pictures from our jaunts around town:

Bronto Building!

The room where Shannon and I have decided would be ultimate!

What is left when a building dies....

Little Dogs in the Big City!

Well it has been an interesting week.  Hard, to say the least.  But!  We are getting through it, and we are looking forward to bigger and better weeks ahead!  We had Tanner over for dinner last night and cooked up the signature dish on the apartment of Salmon, Asparagus, and Sweet Potatoes which we love.  Superfoods!  Then went out for a pint at nearby bar which has skee ball and darts.  We were planning on going out to a concert with Tanner after the pint, but as it turned out one of the dogs we are currently house sitting wasn’t feeling very good, to the point of us actively being worried about it, so we stayed in for the night to watch the little guy.  Which brings us to the next point:  We are dog sitting for some friends!  Which so far we have loved.  In spite of one of the dogs being a little sick it is has been a real joy to take care of them for a few days.  Turns out it is a blast going to the dog park to let them run around.  We meet so many nice people, and dogs, while we sip on coffee and take in the warm weather.  Yesterday we arrived at the dog park to find Jason Schwartzman there with his bulldog!  Anyways, all though (dad) we aren’t looking at getting a dog anytime soon, it was really nice to have a chance to bond with these dogs for a few days. {Below are some not very good pictures of the beasts}


Shannon walking Lilly. Turns out NYC is an extremely dog friendly city. Everyone has a dog, and they are welcome everywhere.


Something that I have found to be incredible, easy, great, life altering, and funny about living in Manhattan is the laundry service.  It is essentially required if you live in the city to have your laundry done for you.  There are the occasional laundromats around, but ultimately you just pay a tiny bit extra and someone does it for you!  We take it in the morning as a pile of dirty laundry shoved into a sack, and it comes back vacuum packed in a perfectly folded stack!  Amazing!  It looks something like this: