And The Onion Groweth Tall!

Just waking up this morning before I head to work at one of the Up-Town stores.  Last night Shannon and I were watching the Office and drinking a bottle of wine when we had a craving for cookies.  Already having changed into our pajamas and robes there was no way we were headed back out into the world to get the stuff we needed to make them, and so of course we head to the internet to see what we could find.  30 minutes and 6 bucks later we were gorging on freshly baked cookies of every varietal delivered straight to our door.  Amazing.  You can get everything delivered…

A morning picture for everyone.  This is our onion reaching out to grab some sun.  We had cut up an onion about 2 weeks ago which started to turn into a plant, and instead of throw out or eat the budding plant I took a goblet off the shelf, filled it with dirt, and plopped the onion in it.  Low and behold in about a week it has turned into a giant man-eating onion plant.  I think it will go to flower, I am just not sure how long that will take, or how big it will get.  Anyways, this is our onion, seen with, from left to right, Basil, Chives, Onion, and Dark Green Leafy Plant.

Onion Goes Big!

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