Brunch, A Serious Business

The One (1) thing that I have discovered in NYC that Albuquerque, and the rest of the world as far as I know, is missing out on: Sunday Brunch.

Every Sunday, without fail, you can find me at Cafe Mogador indulging in a beautiful spread of breakfast foods, salads, juices, and espresso.  At just about every little cafe, bistro, and diner in the neighborhood they turn in their regular menus every Sunday for their own brunch menu.  Usually there is one price, around 12 bucks, and only a few selections, but everything comes included.  I go to Mogador and get: Beautiful eggs benedict, rosemary roasted breakfast potatoes, fresh side salad, freshed squeezed orange juice, and endless espresso.  So after a number of Sundays spent at one cafe Shannon and I are going to be branching out and locating the best brunch around! Here is the first new brunch we tried out:  Westville East, one of our favorite restaurants.  The pictures aren’t super appetizing, but I am going to work on that next time around!

What we had:

Fried Eggs over Chorizo Sausage topped with a fresh chimichurri, sour cream, and avocado, side of potatoes mashed with onions and peppers, and a seven grain toast.

Asparagus with Eggs Over Easy,  Potatoes, and 7 Grain

Some Pics of Brunch Number One (1)

Westville East Brunch 1

Westville East Brunch 2

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