Poaching Perfection

After a few brunches under our belts Shannon and I decided that being able to poach an egg is a good skill to have.  They look beautiful, they are very healthy, and require a slight bit of skill.  I will take a picture of our inspiration tomorrow, they are insanely crafted poached eggs, but we are not near that level yet.  After taking a night to experiment with huevos we have found the best method for home poaching eggs.

1: Get your water to a boil.

2: Turnoff your water.

3: get a spoon and make a whirlpool in the pan.

4: Crack your egg into the spinning whirlpool of boiling water.

5: Let cook for around 4 mins.

6: Use slotted spoon/spatula to fish egg out, drain, and eat.

Mmm.  Delectable.

I am now going to put up some pictures of what we created, and then tomorrow some pictures of our inspiration.

Enjoy your eggs.

The Results

Alternate method: Using a Ladle to cook the egg without submerging it in water. Kind of Worked. Stuck to Ladle.

Watching the Action

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