For Your Viewing Pleasure.

Went out and got myself a new camera!  Now you can be everywhere with me!  Here is Photo 1:

Hopefully it's a sliding scale... 1 being the low end.

At The Bitter End.

Which is a bar in Soho where Bob Dylan made it big.  They have a famous brick wall that plays backdrop to all of the singer/songwriters who pass through.  We had a friend come through town from Seattle to play there and it turned out to be amazing.  The event was low key, but amazing.  Quite a few individuals got up for about 3-4 songs each, and most of them were actually pretty good!  Our new friend Vicci Martinez got up and played with a friend, Mike Miz, for an incredible hour.  Here are some photos from the event, and if I can add them, some vids as well.

Vicci Martinez, The Bitter End

Mike Miz @ The Bitter End