Secret Drinking. Pot Purchase.

So everything continues to march forward out here.  We are always searching for new things to deck out the apartment with.  We have finally managed to most of the furniture that we need other than a few small pieces here and there, but now it is time turn our attention towards our very bare walls.  Lucky for me I live with a talented artist!  I am taking out all of the empty frames that Shannon brought with us and hanging them on the walls in hopes that they magically get filled with beautifully rendered graphite drawings.  I am also trying to convince Shannon to trade work with some of her artist friends so that we can start hanging some other cool pieces around the house.

Two major highlights of my day came from our walk today through the blistering hot streets.  First off we wandered to Bed Bath & Beyond to get a mirror for the bathroom, but ended up breaking down and finally buying a set of pots and pans.  While they are nothing special at all, they are much better than the aluminum foil pans from Kmart we had been previous using.  So I am really excited to cook something tonight!  The second highlight came as we were walking home again.  With so many people packed into one small island you inevitably see some intriguing sights every time you step out of your door.  Older woman, 200+ pounds, actual beard, moo moo, on a hover round.  Pulls up to a bike shop with a flat tire, and without getting off or saying anything a small little man comes out, jacks up her hover round, and fixes the flat like a nascar it stop, drops the jack and she speeds away, beard flowing in the wind.  It was a pristine moment, unadulterated weirdness.

Last night Shannon came to meet me after work so that we could have a nice night out.  So we popped right into PDT, the bar attached to Crif Dogs, for a drink.  We love bars like PDT, “secret,” exclusive, classy, killer drinks, comfortable, dark, good music, nice people.  Hidden speakeasy bars are awesome, and they are everywhere!  I can only imagine the few we have yet to see!  If anyone gets out here to visit we are going to have to tour hidden bars.


Beyond the fact that they are hidden, they are usually just nicer.  The atmosphere is always a step above all the other bars.  This includes bars that are not hidden, but harder to enter/find/or are simply less out there such as Death & Co.  Anyways, after enjoying a couple of amazing cocktails at PDT we wondered over to Terroir for food, wine, and company.  Then sought out another bar hidden about the streets.  It was a pretty cool find as well, entering through a sandwich shop you go straight through to the back and push open a janitors closet.  There are some crappy back alleyway stairs that look like they lead to a maintenance shaft, and then you enter into a beautiful Cuban bodega.  We enjoyed some rum alongside a great dessert, and then headed home…  Secret bars just make you feel like a big deal.  It’s awesome.

Ran smack into this anti-arizona rally in Union Square.  Kind of an interesting sight.


Nothing big coming up, just enjoying the summer weather and a few days off.  If anything exciting comes up will keep you posted!