What are we out of now?

It is that question which I have taken to reciting without prompt as I answer the phone at 3 Am.  The answer is rarely the same: Buns, Booze, Money, the cook is missing, basement is flooding, new kid didn’t show up… can you come down?  At first my answer was a perky, “Of course!  Hang in there I am on my way,” and now usually just an obscene comment about ineptitude, but no matter the retort I will of course be flying in the door ready to tackle whatever seems to be going awry.  Being the manager of a New York restaurant has been challenging thus far, but I am finding out that I love it.  Last 24 hours: 10 am – 5 pm at work, 5 PM – 2:30 AM @ home, 2:30 AM – 4:15 AM at Work, home to sleep until 10, then back to work by 10:45 AM – 2 PM… and so on.  In spite of the constant erratic schedule I have not yet felt too much strain from it.  It is at 4:30 in the morning walking through Manhattan, sipping a 15$ cocktail in a paper cup, and taking in the end of the night debauchery that occurs when the bars purge their most loyal customers, that you find that serenity which happens amidst the most chaotic situations.  You know when things are so crazy, you run and run all night teetering on panic attack, nothing seems to be going right… and then it just finishes, the people go home, the place gets cleaned, and you find yourself smiling all the way home in the quiet cool early morning.  It is fantastic.  Anyways, work is crazy.  Summer is definitely hot dog and bar season, and that makes us one ultimate destination.  In between crafting cocktails and dogs we are also catering weddings in central park, hosting movie premier events, and taking part in week long drinking adventures (The Manhattan Cocktail Classic for example).  It keeps me very much on my toes, but it also keeps my interested.  Come visit me at work sometime.

Tonight we are heading to the mecca of American/Worldwide restaurants.  Thomas Keller’s Per Se is a 3 Star Michelin rated restaurant, along with 4 stars from the NY Times, and alongside it’s sister restaurant, French Laundry outside of San Francisco, is the ultimate of ultimates.    I am so nervous for this meal it is absurd!  I am sure I will be updating you on how it goes immediately afterward.  http://www.perseny.com/

Quick hello to everyone back in ABQ meeting up for the wedding!  I wish I could be there!  I miss you all!  CONGRATS LINDS!!!!  Much love.


One thought on “What are we out of now?

  1. Your job sounds a lot like my job Tris! Oh wait… sounds pretty intense and hectic, but I can certainly appreciate craziness like that to an extent. However, you’re still more of a man than I am! Fact!

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