Physical Fitness – Going Presidential.

It has been extremely challenging to get in the runs that I have wanted to lately.  When you are on call for work all the time, and work 7 days a week, you don’t really have a good schedule for getting into a rhythm in order to get back into shape.  Lately I have been experiencing that guilt you feel when you know you should be out running/going to the gym, but just can’t summon the energy to remove yourself from your living room.  Couple the lack of motivation with working in a hot dog/cocktail place and having a girlfriend who is in culinary school for pastry, and you have a generally soft to the touch guy.  I don’t weigh anymore than I ever have, but the whole “not quite firm” thing is discomforting.  I may still be skinny, but my fitness is pathetic.

So in-spite of my unruly schedule and extremely odd sleep patterns I am going to try and carve out a ritual of routine fitness.  In the city this is a little more challenging than it was in ABQ, due to (this sounds absurd) I can’t drive to the gym, and I always have to run from home.  While the running isn’t awful, it is also not diverse.  There are not 100’s of miles of accessible and radically different trails beckoning me to run them everyday, there are only streets.  There is something to be said for the foot pounding repetitiveness of concrete block after concrete block in the way it is great to check off a day on your training schedule.  It is that sense of daily accomplishment.  I do miss actually being somewhat mentally engaged on a run through the mountains.  Odd how when I had the mountains and rivers at my disposal back home I was only focused on how I didn’t want to run at all. On the same note, I really miss working at the running store… I am actually, and I never ever thought I would ever say this, going to have to purchase some new running shoes and running gear.  I think at some point over the next month I may actually burn through the pile of running shoes I have crammed under my bed, and I am down to my last few pair of ragged short shorts.  Who would have ever thought that this day might come.

So here is goes one more time, a push to gain the routine and discipline to actually establish a real fitness regimen.   So watch out for me in my neon green safety vest flying through the streets.


The Answer – I wandered out to the local running path on the East River with the cam the other day.

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