Holiday Season Pictures

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Welcome to the New Year!

Hello all!  After an extremely hectic, but awesome, holiday season we are back in action here at The Wandering Willey!  We are going to revamping everything in our life over the beginning of the year from our apartment to our jobs, and hopefully our schedules!  First in a line of changes is the addition of the Scotch Library page which can be accessed at the top of this page.  I am going to start chronicling my travels through single malts as I start to work my way through the world of distilling.  So follow along, and please offer insight and suggestions about anything that I have tried or should try!

Booze Booze Booze!  It is all about the nation changing water of life around here!  Sometimes I worry we live to alcohol centered… but then I have a drink.

Work at the distillery is heading full steam ahead, as I can not turn a corner with out seeing Kings County Distillery mentioned.  Hopefully we will be able to keep up with production, I can’t wait for the day when we make the jump to a larger space and larger stills.  I just received 75 lbs of peated malted barley from the UK which we are going to start experimenting with, so watch out for an original T Willey Single Malt (yet to be named, maybe the Big Willey Malt???)  In case you guys have missed it, here is some info on us and what we do:  Our Web Site, NY Times Article, AMNY, Newsweek, Facebook.

Dad and I started brewing a batch of English Ale at his house while I was back in New Mexico for the holiday season which has really kicked up my desire to begin brewing.  This has always been something that I wanted to dive into but for some reason never actually followed through with.  After going through the process of brewing up the batch at my dad’s house and walking through all of the fairly simple steps it has confirmed my love for creating things from scratch.  Soon enough our apartment will be a field of glass carboys and 5 gallon buckets all bubbling away creating what could be the seeds of a micro brewery.  Once the bottling begins feel free to swing by to be seduced with enchanting (possibly horrendous) elixirs. T-Minus 5-8 weeks.

What a wonderful thing it was to be back in New Mexico for awhile.  Upon arriving in ABQ it was immediately noticeable how crisp and clean the air was, and who would have thought that it would feel like an escape returning to altitude, like the air was a normal thickness again!  Blue skies, quiet nights, driving… it was an incredible vacation from the insanity of the city.  It was so radically different that on returning to the city was equally exciting.  Fortunately the giant buildings, and busy streets was almost as welcome of site… who would have thought.  Entering back into the city was also a new experience due to the 4 feet of snow that had closed down all of the businesses and brought travel to a screeching halt, fortunately we made it home, and everything is always better when you get to hunker down with a good book and a bottle of single malt.  All in all my travels between NM and NY were extremely reassuring, they answered my critical question, I love both of them.

Shannon and I ushered in the New Years with a wonderful party at her bar.  Death & Co closed its doors to the outside world for a night inviting only ticket holders to enter through their fortress like doors.  Luckily I know someone who knows someone.  It was an amazing night of debauchery with the staff of D & Co with cocktails flowing and empty champagne bottles gathering in piles like it’s their duty.  Unfortunately when you add up everything that was going on it could lead to no other result than an early night and a rough next day, but considering our current occupations I wouldn’t have wanted to start out our new year with anything less.

So we reach a starting point.  From here it is only up!  We have a lot of things to look forwards to as we breach our second year in the big city: Shannon graduating from FCI, big plans for the distillery, school decisions, trips to see friends, new business opportunities???  Who knows what could be coming just around the bend of each week!  I hope you all will continue to follow the blog and stay in touch.  There is much more to come.

Jumpin on the Brooklyn Band Wagon

I am attempting to resume posting at much more regular intervals.  So in the spirit of getting back into a routine here is a quick blurb about spending more time in Brooklyn.

I have been riding the L train to and from the city quite often lately.  Back and forth under the river in between Manhattan and Brooklyn, a quick transition from the East Village to Williamsburg.  Fortunately it is only 1 stop and 3 minutes away, and more to the point only 0.5 miles as the bird flies.  The more time that I spend in the yonder borough, the more time I am convinced I want to head permanently out that direction.  The cool, calm, and quiet atmosphere seems like such an escape from the bustle of Avenue A.  Lately we have been drawn out there for any number of reasons from birthdays to batching bourbon, and the more time we spend out there the more we want to be there!

Our most recent adventures include a night out for Tanner’s birthday which revolved around a cool bar called Full Circle Bar.  Based around the classic and never tiring Skee Ball, this bar offers beer and ball rolling.  Epic duels ensued:

Shannon, Addie, and Tanner going for glory.

This morning Addie and I cruised out to Brooklyn to meet up with Tanner and Jackie for brunch before she had to ship back to Florida.  After finishing up brunch we exited and began to wander to our favorite coffee spot when we realized we had been marooned on an island of concrete surrounded by marathon runners.  In order to get to our coffee we had to cross the river of charged up marathoner… 50,000 of them.  Actually it was great to see the marathon going through Williamsburg in route to touching all five boroughs.  It definitely brought up the urge in me to start training to race.  Here is a view taken from my phone of the almost impassible train of runners.

This week is going to be absolute chaos out here, but there should be plenty to write about at the end of it all.  Until then I am going to be cranking out booze, and learning how to whip up premium cocktails.  Hope all is well in your world.

Intriguing Lives of Others…

So everything is marching along swimmingly out here.  We have been exploring the city, meeting up with old friends, and indulging  in what the East Villages has to offer: Bars & Restaurants.  Included in some of the pictures below:  Looking out the window to find our future wives/husbands, watching out for Jason Schwartzman (Yes we did actually end up spotting him) Sitting on the fire escape having a beer and enjoying my rarely used old man pipe which I got for my birthday, and much much more.  Our adventures continue today with the arrival of Dan!

One of our favorite things to do from our apartment is to sit in the living room or on the fire escape and take in the sights happening across the street in everyones apartments.  Most people leave their blinds and curtains open all day and night, letting us view into their little worlds.  As voyeuristic as this seems, and is, you can not tear yourself away from the simple tasks that these people are doing all through their houses.  Like bad sitcoms, this is so intriguing.  We haven’t seen anything scandalous, just run of the mill daily household activities, but something is always happening across from us.  It is like our own human fish tank…

Enjoy Some Pictures:

Sit Tight, I Got a New Camera.

So I got this new camera… so you get to follow me on foot throughout my day.  I will somewhat abbreviate this for you.

Got up, rolled out of bed, had some Breakfast O’s (Whole Food Style Cheerios)

Rolled across the street and picked up some coffee from Ost.

Headed to the train and took the L to the 3, and ended up at the Super Runners Shop in the Upper West Side:

77th and Amsterdam Ave, Outside the Upper West Side Store.

Worked there for awhile.

Then I meandered my way over to Time Square for lunch and the Asics store.

I got a good ham sandwich on brioche and ate it here while watching ping pong and bocce ball:

Eatin' in the park.

Bocce Ball along the Avenue of the Americas

Ping Pong...

From here I went into the Asics Store… which is the only Asics store in the US.  I changed into some Asics gear, and got to work using their automatic foot scanner/gait analysis machine, which produces a whole packet of information for every logged in user.  Tried that out for the afternoon, and then headed home to the Shannon.

Asics Store

Got some dinner: Turkey Burg and Side Salad, Some Fries.

Went to our favorite bar for a Guiness.

Destination, one of our hauntings.

Came home, blogged, and heading to bed… Gym in the morning.

Good Night All!