Worrying About Winter

New York City Declares Weather Emergency.  You can read all about it here in the NY Times article, that was released earlier this afternoon.  Now I know it hasn’t snowed yet… and it is winter… and we live on the north east coast where bad weather almost never happens… but we have a storm headed our way!  Being fairly new to the area having only lived in New York for 13 months I should probably be following suit and panicking, possibly stocking up on canned items and flare guns, but I am going to follow my initial instincts and have a beer.  Might I remind everyone here in the city that we don’t actually own cars, and therefore will still be able to commute the long distances to a local store even if  .05 miles is daunting task with 12 inches of snow on the ground.  Lately I have found myself gazing out of the window at the remaining snow left melting from the last storm that crippled our city for a day, and yet everything already seems like it has resumed like nothing has happened…

I’m sorry about being cynical, I know there are consequences to the winter storms we have out here.  I worry about the response of emergency teams, and messed up travel schedules.  I worry about everyone having heat and electricity.  These things are concerns that are brought to the forefront whenever something like a snow storm is looking in the distance, although they probably should be looked at without the prompting of something as routine as snow in winter.

Unfortunately as I brace myself for the second coming of Snowpocalypse, as the city has fondly titled our repeated assaults from mother nature, I find only excitement at the prospect of a change of scenery from our apartment window.  Currently I am locked up at home instructed to lay low in order to not spread or excite my current condition, Chickenpocalypse v2.0.  Yes, I ended up with Shingles!  Although as far as I can discern I may have the mildest case ever recorded limited to some unsightly blotches on my arm, sniffles, and an ear ache.  Fortunately the doctor did prescribe staying very much under cover for a few days in order to not spread it and also not excite it.  So I am hunkering down with my laptop and chinese delivery, which if I had to guess would still have delivered in spite of 8-12 inches of snow, and have began to catch up on all of reading that should have been down over the last year.  If I have not already said so: Kindle = Awesome.  I adore books, and I mean physically, I love the feel of a heavy book and I was immediately concerned about betraying books across the world by purchasing a Kindle, but time after time it continues to prove its worth.  Today’s case for the eBook that could: I can finish all of the books I have on hand, and then without leaving the couch dive into 10 more.

So here I am in my apartment with the radiators on, new books downloaded, and a stack of netflix envelopes waiting for the meds to kick in and the snow to fall.  With any luck this time tomorrow I will at least have a wonderful white world to watch.  There is something so peaceful about being wrapped up inside with hot cider while everything is hushed outside by cold weather.

Hold On to Your Seats!

Just a quick update… Things are pretty chaotic here.  Between negotiations with Gary Muhrcke, to finding Shan a cool job, to looking forwards to new, better, and bigger options, it has really been an intense week.  Shannon and I are both  seeking out a lot of new school options, and have found ourselves both questioning what are chosen paths should be.  Luckily we are 24, and in a city built upon opportunities.  I guess this is the time and place to nail down where we are headed.  We have in fact secured one goal in our minds: To live in room pictured below.  Go Brontosaurus!    Anyways, this summer is going to be a time for growth for both Shannon and I in NYC.  Luckily we will have Dan living out here with us, and possibly (hopefully) my sister as well, which can only mean good things to come!  Here are some more pictures from our jaunts around town:

Bronto Building!

The room where Shannon and I have decided would be ultimate!

What is left when a building dies....