Uber Domination.

Booze on First does it again!  Our 10-3 victory over Kick Ya’ Ballz puts this unstoppable force at 2-0-0 on the season.  With the momentum from the two previous wins propelling them through the season BoF might as well accept their champions trophy now.

If you didn’t grasp it from the previous statement, we did have a kickball game last night.  As usual we first met at Destination for a few pints to get is into the kickballing mode, after that we wandered down to the lower east side to get our kick on!  The games are no longer than 45 minutes, and generally are an easy going time with a bunch of young guys and gals having a goofy time.  It is always and interesting vibe when the game first starts as both teams try to feel out if the other team is in it for the fun or the glory, if the pitcher rolls a kickable fun ball or flaming destroyer of all hope pitch, and if the general vibe on the field is “heck yes recess rules,” or “I am going to take out three of their players and take home the gold medal.”  Obviously anyone who knows us understands that we are out there to have a great time, we are only coincidentally really good, and we seem to have really good relations with everyone we play.  After the game both teams make their way up to the sponsor bar for pitchers of beer.  Last night after the game Tanner, Shannon, and I enjoyed a quick beer out with the team and then split off towards some other spots for a more relaxed bite to eat and a quick beer.  After eating some hot dogs at Crif Dogs, we meandered over to Hearth for a celebratory glass of champagne (thank you Tanner) and toasted to our ever glorious victory, recalling our triumphs on the field, and dreaming of our future conquests.  Kickball rules.

Other than our adventures on blacktop Shannon and I have been trying to keep it very low key.  Mainly we spend our time at the gym, at a local concert, cooking at home, drinking the cheapest pints we can get our hands on, and of course snapping off a trillion pictures.  Shannon has officially applied to culinary school, which won’t start for some time, but that is looming off in the distance.  We are preparing to usher in our new room mates soon!  I still can’t find my iPod which is driving me insane.  I used it at home one night, set it down, and then couldn’t find it the next morning.  I don’t know where it could have gone which I haven’t already torn to shreds… but the search will continue.  I hope everyone out there is having a good week! -The Willey

Shannon at the hair mechanic.

Everything is getting green!


They found this toaster... in a suitcase... on the sidewalk... they were thrilled.

Shrimp Night, Crustacean Cuisine.

So tonight we made a list of dishes we wanted to cook at home that we haven’t ever attempted.  We have been relying on so many of the same dishes week after week, and it is time to branch out.  I have been having a craving for shrimp lately, and so tonight… we made shrimp.  We first had a few 1/2 pints at the bar with our friends Dan and Mel while crafting a carefully planned grocery list.  From there we headed to whole foods to pick up supplies for tonights dinner, and then quickly returned home with our fresh shrimp.  We had picked out a variety of methods to prepare our shrimp but rested on beginning with a simple shrimp cocktail, followed by some Cajun rubbed sautéed shrimp, and a two whole steamed artichokes.  (Of course beer to accompany the process/meal) We sat down and to this and dove in: great success!  We are going to attempt as many new meals as possible over the next few weeks, so if you have any good suggestions of some of your favorite home cooked meals let us know!  Here is what we have on the agenda already: Risotto, Flounder,Ratatouille, Enchiladas… etc.  Hit us with your ideas!

Outside of the kitchen nothing truly exciting has gone down here.  We are just counting down the days until Dan and my sister get out here!  I hope everyone out there is doing well!  Here are some pictures of the meal, inspired by Daniel B DeMartini culinary photography.

The Shrimp Cocktail, and Shannon "Crustacean Crusher" Tebay

Cookin Some 'Chokes...

El Chefe.


Dinner! Kind of a weird dinner, but delicious!

This is the view out of our living room window...

Visitors… an Introduction.

Addie and Margaret finally made it to the city!  These pictures chronicle their introduction to some of our favorite places.  Here is how it is going so far, in pictures:

Wandering up Broadway

Ost Cafe, Mid-Afternoon Rejuvenation.

Bein' Cool.

Marg Lost Among Chandeliers.

@ Common Ground.

Motley Crew @ Destination

Drawing Diagrams at Terroir


Sit Tight, I Got a New Camera.

So I got this new camera… so you get to follow me on foot throughout my day.  I will somewhat abbreviate this for you.

Got up, rolled out of bed, had some Breakfast O’s (Whole Food Style Cheerios)

Rolled across the street and picked up some coffee from Ost.

Headed to the train and took the L to the 3, and ended up at the Super Runners Shop in the Upper West Side:

77th and Amsterdam Ave, Outside the Upper West Side Store.

Worked there for awhile.

Then I meandered my way over to Time Square for lunch and the Asics store.

I got a good ham sandwich on brioche and ate it here while watching ping pong and bocce ball:

Eatin' in the park.

Bocce Ball along the Avenue of the Americas

Ping Pong...

From here I went into the Asics Store… which is the only Asics store in the US.  I changed into some Asics gear, and got to work using their automatic foot scanner/gait analysis machine, which produces a whole packet of information for every logged in user.  Tried that out for the afternoon, and then headed home to the Shannon.

Asics Store

Got some dinner: Turkey Burg and Side Salad, Some Fries.

Went to our favorite bar for a Guiness.

Destination, one of our hauntings.

Came home, blogged, and heading to bed… Gym in the morning.

Good Night All!