April 12, 2006

In honor of a very special person whom I miss greatly, and to note the passing of a 4th year, here are a few of beautiful things that have happened:

Made some new friends, and good times with the old ones.

I moved to NEW YORK, and started a new adventure!

The Family!

I went to White Sands with Friends, Fam, and Shan!

I live in A LOT of different places: This is the house on Avenida.

Went to Oregon!

Flew a Plane.

Got a Beautiful Girlfriend.

Went Camping.

Spent a lot of time with Addie, doing some really cool things.

Made sure to spend time with some of your favorite people.

We are trying to make the most out of everything, and take every opportunity presented to us.  I wish I could share them all with you, I know you would approve.

Visitors… an Introduction.

Addie and Margaret finally made it to the city!  These pictures chronicle their introduction to some of our favorite places.  Here is how it is going so far, in pictures:

Wandering up Broadway

Ost Cafe, Mid-Afternoon Rejuvenation.

Bein' Cool.

Marg Lost Among Chandeliers.

@ Common Ground.

Motley Crew @ Destination

Drawing Diagrams at Terroir