Famous Encounters #2

Walking down the street to brunch this morning we walked right past:  James Franco

Famous Encounter: Episode 1

When you live in the city it apparently becomes run of the mill to see a familiar face from one of your favorite movies, TV shows, bands… etc.  I have yet to hit the point where I am comfortable with it when it happens, and more mostly it just startles me.  Example:  Today Addie, Shannon, and I we marching up to Ralph Lauren and on the way bumped into Tina Fey.  I looked up and startled myself, which I think startled her, and we had a “moment” and then continued to walk up the street.  So far this has happened a few times:  Chelsea Clinton, Mira and Paul Sorvino, Simon Cowell, Zach Effron and then Tina Fey.  Anyways, I am always on the look out and I will continue to keep tally on here!