East Village Hostel

Since moving to New York our humble abode has played the role of hostel to many of our friends.  Whether it is the bedroom that is now split down the middle for long term visitors, or the pullout couch, or when we really start to overflow the air mattress, we always have visitors to show around the city.  While it does usually mean that the living room looks like a war zone will blown up suitcases and deconstructed couches, it also means we have a house full of lovely guests.

Having guests means a couple of things: We get to make a visit to all of our favorite bars, restaurants, shops, neighborhoods, haunts… etc; we get to cook some lovelier meals then we would for just ourselves; we stay up way past our bedtime; and by the end we all need another whole week to recover.

Robby and Margaret came to town all last week! Finally we were able to host Robert Henry Nelson in the Big Apple.  Every morning Robby was up and out the door exploring the city with Dan, from the tip of downtown to the upper reaches of the park, and anywhere in between the two rivers.  It is great to be able to show someone everything you have been talking about to them, there is finally a level of understanding reached where everything makes more sense, “Ah, so that’s what you were talking about.”  Of course in NY there are a lot of touristy things to do, but ultimately it is the simple life of the


East Village that we like to show off the most.  All of our favorite places exist right on our doorstep, and as usual the nights I most enjoyed with our guests happened right on our block.  Simple things like strolling over to the rivers to take in some fresh air and enjoy the lit up skyline, or meandering down to Terroir to say hi to Tanner, these are the things that I am proud to show off to visitors.   Of course we also had to hit up our places of employment, but luckily that involves either wonderful vegan food at Pure Food and Wine, or incredible libations at Death & Co and PDT.  It is great to have such wonderful places to take our friends to when they get, especially knowing that everyone we work with bends over backwards for not only us, but our friends.  Dan, Robby, and I were lucky enough to have a night of debauchery planned out for us by Jim Meehan at some of Manhattans premier and exclusive bars.

All in all we had a wonderful time with Robby and Margaret visiting us out here.  Hopefully we can twist Robby’s arm enough so that next time his stay will be quite a bit longer.

Here are some of the highlights:

The bridges around Manhattan are incredible structures.  Every time I cross one, or even glimpse one off in the distance, it impresses me.  So Robby, Marg, Ad, and I decided to hike out to the middle of the Williamsburg Bridge in order to catch a view of the city.  It amazes me more people don’t fall off of the bridges/drive off considering the way people drive in NY.

Taking in some sights at the East River

Dear NY,

I have a few things to say to you New York.  New Yorkers.  Manhattanites…

Why do you think it is ok to call delivery people across the globe for a single hot dog and not tip more than 1.25?  Those guys work hard.  Knock it off.  Eat More Hot Dogs, Tip Better: Your new mantra, write it down.  Girls who are too drunk to stand, especially attempting it in heels, at 4 am, in public, and more importantly in the middle of an avenue: You don’t have to stop a cab with your body, a simple wave of the hand will do.  Also, bikes riding by in bike lane are not to be hailed as a cab, or to be hugged, I know I look good in my chef coat but instantly stopping a bike going 20 mph carrying a 190 lb guy… a challenge for even the hardiest of shot putters. (No there are not nachos in my knife bag)

New York runners, your time in the spotlight.  We see enough people on the streets every single day that we choose to pretend don’t exist, and when you see as many people as we do they all tend to blur together.  NY Runners, drop your shields to your team mates.  There is no reason to blindly and embarrassingly go stone cold as one of your own runs by sweaty and gasping.  I see the awkwardness in your eyes as you can’t help but look to see if they are in as bad of shape as you are, but as I give you the ‘hey, I don’t have much energy, I really hurt right now, but refuse not to cheer on a compatriot,’ hand spasm, you dive right back into your sidewalk of NY shell.  The worst part is that I see you get flustered at your lack of action, and from your surprise that someone out on those lonely bike paths would notice you… but next time… next time, give a little smirk, or start small and raise an eyebrow, and in turn over time I will break you of your wallflower ways, I will recruit you to my team… and we’ll be momentary friends.


The view from Jean and Kay's balcony where they stayed on their visit.

Really cool gallery entrance in Chelsea.

Columbia University

Field Trip!


April 12, 2006

In honor of a very special person whom I miss greatly, and to note the passing of a 4th year, here are a few of beautiful things that have happened:

Made some new friends, and good times with the old ones.

I moved to NEW YORK, and started a new adventure!

The Family!

I went to White Sands with Friends, Fam, and Shan!

I live in A LOT of different places: This is the house on Avenida.

Went to Oregon!

Flew a Plane.

Got a Beautiful Girlfriend.

Went Camping.

Spent a lot of time with Addie, doing some really cool things.

Made sure to spend time with some of your favorite people.

We are trying to make the most out of everything, and take every opportunity presented to us.  I wish I could share them all with you, I know you would approve.

What a Blur!

Just saw Addie and Margaret off to the airport after their 10 day excursion to the city.  It is now time to do absolutely nothing and let our bodies recover from the constant go go go that was the last 10 days, I think, of our lives.  Time for some delivery… a bottle of wine… and a hot bath.  Over the last few days we have attempted to do everything!  Favorite quest of all time: Macaron Day!  We traveled all over the city in order to indulge in the most sacred of delights, according to Alexandra E. Willey, which were to be given away for free!  We walked for miles all through Manhattan in order to sample insanely good french cookies ranging in flavor from Rose Water and Saffron to Gran Marnier and Candied Orange Peel.  These legendary cookies are actually as good as you want them to be.

While not hunting for treats we were often found at Terroir, wine bar numero uno in our book, or Destination Bar and Grill.  We also enjoyed another amazing meal courtesy of the extremely knowledgeable and wonderful DeMartini family.  Pastis,a French Bistro, hosted us for a full dining experience from champagne and oysters to creme brulee and crepes!  Incredible.  Thank you guys so much!

All in all an absolutely incredible week.  It was really nice to have such a wonderful taste of home, and we already miss you guys!  Until next time!

Found My Corner!

The Infamous Macaron

Intriguing Lives of Others…

So everything is marching along swimmingly out here.  We have been exploring the city, meeting up with old friends, and indulging  in what the East Villages has to offer: Bars & Restaurants.  Included in some of the pictures below:  Looking out the window to find our future wives/husbands, watching out for Jason Schwartzman (Yes we did actually end up spotting him) Sitting on the fire escape having a beer and enjoying my rarely used old man pipe which I got for my birthday, and much much more.  Our adventures continue today with the arrival of Dan!

One of our favorite things to do from our apartment is to sit in the living room or on the fire escape and take in the sights happening across the street in everyones apartments.  Most people leave their blinds and curtains open all day and night, letting us view into their little worlds.  As voyeuristic as this seems, and is, you can not tear yourself away from the simple tasks that these people are doing all through their houses.  Like bad sitcoms, this is so intriguing.  We haven’t seen anything scandalous, just run of the mill daily household activities, but something is always happening across from us.  It is like our own human fish tank…

Enjoy Some Pictures: