Physical Fitness – Going Presidential.

It has been extremely challenging to get in the runs that I have wanted to lately.  When you are on call for work all the time, and work 7 days a week, you don’t really have a good schedule for getting into a rhythm in order to get back into shape.  Lately I have been experiencing that guilt you feel when you know you should be out running/going to the gym, but just can’t summon the energy to remove yourself from your living room.  Couple the lack of motivation with working in a hot dog/cocktail place and having a girlfriend who is in culinary school for pastry, and you have a generally soft to the touch guy.  I don’t weigh anymore than I ever have, but the whole “not quite firm” thing is discomforting.  I may still be skinny, but my fitness is pathetic.

So in-spite of my unruly schedule and extremely odd sleep patterns I am going to try and carve out a ritual of routine fitness.  In the city this is a little more challenging than it was in ABQ, due to (this sounds absurd) I can’t drive to the gym, and I always have to run from home.  While the running isn’t awful, it is also not diverse.  There are not 100’s of miles of accessible and radically different trails beckoning me to run them everyday, there are only streets.  There is something to be said for the foot pounding repetitiveness of concrete block after concrete block in the way it is great to check off a day on your training schedule.  It is that sense of daily accomplishment.  I do miss actually being somewhat mentally engaged on a run through the mountains.  Odd how when I had the mountains and rivers at my disposal back home I was only focused on how I didn’t want to run at all. On the same note, I really miss working at the running store… I am actually, and I never ever thought I would ever say this, going to have to purchase some new running shoes and running gear.  I think at some point over the next month I may actually burn through the pile of running shoes I have crammed under my bed, and I am down to my last few pair of ragged short shorts.  Who would have ever thought that this day might come.

So here is goes one more time, a push to gain the routine and discipline to actually establish a real fitness regimen.   So watch out for me in my neon green safety vest flying through the streets.


The Answer – I wandered out to the local running path on the East River with the cam the other day.


Current Affairs

Hello All.  I hope you are enjoying the updated look for the time being, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it changed again in a few weeks; why not keep everything looking fresh?  I am sitting at home on the third very rainy day in a row contemplating heading to the gym in order to get a quick workout in and then bask in the glory of the Sauna and Steam Room, which have become one of my new obsessions.  It is amazing how relaxing it can be to submerse yourself in a boiling hot room, let all of your muscles relax, and clear everything out of your head.  I am truly starting to relish my time time in those small tile rooms.

I have now finished my second shift at the new job, and all is going well.  They have set up a really great business that runs extremely smoothly.  It is funny to me that this small company that sells hot dogs has such an easy and efficient plan installed for every aspect of their day to day activities.  It is extremely refreshing.  It is also interesting that half of the customers that wander in exclaim that they just saw us on the food network and other shows…  yeah, we are kind of a big deal.  Anyways, it has taken a small toll on my body standing for so long again.  You forget how stiff and sore being on your feet all day can make you.  I’m sure I will regain my server fortitude again in no time.  Until then I guess I will have to spend that little bit of extra time in the steam room…

We now have the house all to ourselves again.  Our room mates have left back to Albuquerque, and we are holding down the fort alone until Dan and my sister get here at the end of May.  As excited as I am for those two to arrive this little down time is quite amazing.  There is something so relaxing about having your own space.  Nothing to worry about but your own stuff, messes, food, etc…

Lately my mind has been a complete roller coaster of emotions.  I do not envy Shannon for having to put up with me.  I am so fixated on figuring out exactly where I am headed along a career path.  I have felt so derailed lately, and I need to sort out what my goal is.  For all of high school, and college, I have been driving straight at one career choice: Foreign Service.  Since leaping off the train towards that path and having to do other things with my life I have began to question what exactly I want to do.  Do I want to be a chef, open a restaurant, entrepreneur?  Do I want to continue to pursue foreign service?  What do these two lifestyles hold for me?  How do I get to where I want to go?  What do I need to do to jump start these paths?

What really gets to me in this whole process is what I am supposed to be doing in the meantime.  I want to be making constant forward progress towards something.  I want to be gaining the necessary experience towards ultimate career goals versus working just to work.  I have yet to sort out what that is, and at least I have a good job that pays well and is enjoyable, but is that enough?  This whole struggle has been going on in my head for the last month and has become extremely detrimental to my sleep… it always seems that at night everything kind of blares in your mind.  I really need to sort out a clear cut path to where I want to be, and then pursue it to its fullest.  Yikes, this has turned into a rant.  I have been so cooped up in my own head I think that as soon as I turned myself loose onto the page it just poured out.  Sorry about that, but I guess this is my only journal.  Partly this is here to inform people at home about the happening of the Shannon Tristan Duo, but I guess I also get to use the audience as a forum for my thoughts! Apologies.

In order to get back to lighter and typical topics here are some pictures from inside work.  Next time I will try and wrangle up some pictures of the bar attached to this.

It's Simple and Fun. In the corner there is the entrance to PDT. (The Phone Booth)

It's a small place, I have about 4 inches of head room haha.


Just a day…

Hola Todos!

Just a normal old day here.  Did some stuff around the house.  Pulled ourselves together and went to the gym, which always helps to rev us up a little, especially muscles magee (Shannon). Had a great fresh lunch from Whole Foods, and then got Shannon a new Blackberry.  With the addition of the second Blackberry to the house, I do believe that we will cease to interact anymore.  Essentially our necks will permanently have a downward kink in them, and all conversation will be in the form off texts.  We have already come to the realization that if we want to see the sun again we may have to defenestrate our phones.  (I have been waiting to use that word for awhile) Anyways, beyond our technological leash, it was a stunningly beautiful day here in NYC (finally) and we were able to walk to all of our destinations.  Here are some frozen moments from our very normal journey.

Shannon in front of some incredible tree with enormous flowers.

Union Square "Art" Vendors

Sand Art. I always have the urge to run and jumps right over the top of things like this. I don't want to trample through it, I just want the wind off my speed to whoosh it up in a cloud of colorful dust.

The view from the bench where we drank our coffees and learned Shannon on the ways of the Blackberry.

Rainy Days

Day 3 of rain and wind here in NYC.  I do enjoy how it makes curling up with a good book and a beer the best option for your day, but I am getting a little tired of having a good excuse not to go out and run or go to the gym.  The weather here has really had a grip on controlling my schedule.  When you have to walk everywhere, and the weather is harsh, it makes your destination seem a lot less attractive.  I would say that it also made life cheaper, but with so many delivery options available that isn’t even the truth.

Shannon and I were escorted around the French Culinary Institute yesterday for a lovely afternoon.  We went down to Soho and met up with one of their tour guides who walked us through all of there kitchens, showcasing the culinary arts, pastry, and bread making classes, and as we walked introduced first hand to all of the wonderful dishes that were being concocted at the time.  I do not actually have the time to write down everything we ate, but all of it was amazing.  They also sent us home with an armful of different breads from the master bakers which turned into our lunch after a stop off at Dean & Deluca’s for some artisan cheeses.  I would highly recommend to anyone scheduling a visit to your local culinary schools simply for a tour, it is free, and delicious.  While we were at the French Culinary Institute we wandered through a final test for some of the students, and proctoring the final exam was one of our favorite chefs, Cesare!  As we trounced through the middle of a panel of judges scrutinizing a student we caught sight of our favorite portly Italian, who surprisingly immediately recognized us.  Dan, we definitely need to stop back in to see him when you return.  After our brief run in with the chef I am positive our tour guide thought we were bored millionaires with nothing better to do with our time then to harass him.  Verdict: French Culinary Institute = Incredible.

Today Shannon and I are actually going to make it to the gym in spite of sheeting rain.  We are going to sand down the top of our kitchen island, and refinish it.  We are going to cook some soup, and not quick soup, but the kind that sits on the stove top all day.  We are going to continue our streak of really bad movies, last night New Moon, tonight….?

Anyways, Hope all is well out there where you are!