East Village Hostel

Since moving to New York our humble abode has played the role of hostel to many of our friends.  Whether it is the bedroom that is now split down the middle for long term visitors, or the pullout couch, or when we really start to overflow the air mattress, we always have visitors to show around the city.  While it does usually mean that the living room looks like a war zone will blown up suitcases and deconstructed couches, it also means we have a house full of lovely guests.

Having guests means a couple of things: We get to make a visit to all of our favorite bars, restaurants, shops, neighborhoods, haunts… etc; we get to cook some lovelier meals then we would for just ourselves; we stay up way past our bedtime; and by the end we all need another whole week to recover.

Robby and Margaret came to town all last week! Finally we were able to host Robert Henry Nelson in the Big Apple.  Every morning Robby was up and out the door exploring the city with Dan, from the tip of downtown to the upper reaches of the park, and anywhere in between the two rivers.  It is great to be able to show someone everything you have been talking about to them, there is finally a level of understanding reached where everything makes more sense, “Ah, so that’s what you were talking about.”  Of course in NY there are a lot of touristy things to do, but ultimately it is the simple life of the


East Village that we like to show off the most.  All of our favorite places exist right on our doorstep, and as usual the nights I most enjoyed with our guests happened right on our block.  Simple things like strolling over to the rivers to take in some fresh air and enjoy the lit up skyline, or meandering down to Terroir to say hi to Tanner, these are the things that I am proud to show off to visitors.   Of course we also had to hit up our places of employment, but luckily that involves either wonderful vegan food at Pure Food and Wine, or incredible libations at Death & Co and PDT.  It is great to have such wonderful places to take our friends to when they get, especially knowing that everyone we work with bends over backwards for not only us, but our friends.  Dan, Robby, and I were lucky enough to have a night of debauchery planned out for us by Jim Meehan at some of Manhattans premier and exclusive bars.

All in all we had a wonderful time with Robby and Margaret visiting us out here.  Hopefully we can twist Robby’s arm enough so that next time his stay will be quite a bit longer.

Here are some of the highlights:

The bridges around Manhattan are incredible structures.  Every time I cross one, or even glimpse one off in the distance, it impresses me.  So Robby, Marg, Ad, and I decided to hike out to the middle of the Williamsburg Bridge in order to catch a view of the city.  It amazes me more people don’t fall off of the bridges/drive off considering the way people drive in NY.

Taking in some sights at the East River


It has been a hard few days here in NYC.  Weird happenings going on throughout all of the little pieces of our lives.  Nothing overly bad, and nothing great, just changes.  Shannon and I are both finding ourselves in situations which require us to rethink our plans, adjust our lives, and head new directions.  While none of it is negative, it does require us to really question where we want to head, and the real reasons about why we are where we are.  Both of us are in love with city life, and the hustle and bustle of things around us, but now is our chance to either continue to own our situation, or to put ourselves into a new one.  Luckily we have a taste of home headed our way tomorrow in the form of Alex and Marg, and then Dan on wednesday, which will be a huge breath of fresh air.  I truly believe that after we get to spend some time with our favorite people that we will have much more insight and clarity about the decisions that stand in front of us.  So until it comes down to game time out here I will leave you with some more pictures of my walking tour of the city.  As I travel in between many stores here on our little island I continue to snap off photos of interesting sights around me.  Here are some sights in between Time Square and Grand Central Station.

This is the chaos of Time Square: This is what the outside world thinks NYC is.

Super Runners Shop, Time Square

Cathedral in the middle of town.

Grand Central, Hallway Next to the Main Terminal, Enormous.

Main Terminal. Insanity.