Fall Morning

What a relief it is to step out into the day and feel the crisp fall morning! It really makes my heart so much lighter! On my way in to work I stumbled upon a giant blank canvas being filled with all sorts of creativity! It circles the whole park, can’t wait to see it finished.

Sit Tight, I Got a New Camera.

So I got this new camera… so you get to follow me on foot throughout my day.  I will somewhat abbreviate this for you.

Got up, rolled out of bed, had some Breakfast O’s (Whole Food Style Cheerios)

Rolled across the street and picked up some coffee from Ost.

Headed to the train and took the L to the 3, and ended up at the Super Runners Shop in the Upper West Side:

77th and Amsterdam Ave, Outside the Upper West Side Store.

Worked there for awhile.

Then I meandered my way over to Time Square for lunch and the Asics store.

I got a good ham sandwich on brioche and ate it here while watching ping pong and bocce ball:

Eatin' in the park.

Bocce Ball along the Avenue of the Americas

Ping Pong...

From here I went into the Asics Store… which is the only Asics store in the US.  I changed into some Asics gear, and got to work using their automatic foot scanner/gait analysis machine, which produces a whole packet of information for every logged in user.  Tried that out for the afternoon, and then headed home to the Shannon.

Asics Store

Got some dinner: Turkey Burg and Side Salad, Some Fries.

Went to our favorite bar for a Guiness.

Destination, one of our hauntings.

Came home, blogged, and heading to bed… Gym in the morning.

Good Night All!