On the pages of the newly released GQ Magazine. Together as usual. That’s Jim Meehan in the picture of our bar, the mastermind behind it all.

East Village Hostel

Since moving to New York our humble abode has played the role of hostel to many of our friends.  Whether it is the bedroom that is now split down the middle for long term visitors, or the pullout couch, or when we really start to overflow the air mattress, we always have visitors to show around the city.  While it does usually mean that the living room looks like a war zone will blown up suitcases and deconstructed couches, it also means we have a house full of lovely guests.

Having guests means a couple of things: We get to make a visit to all of our favorite bars, restaurants, shops, neighborhoods, haunts… etc; we get to cook some lovelier meals then we would for just ourselves; we stay up way past our bedtime; and by the end we all need another whole week to recover.

Robby and Margaret came to town all last week! Finally we were able to host Robert Henry Nelson in the Big Apple.  Every morning Robby was up and out the door exploring the city with Dan, from the tip of downtown to the upper reaches of the park, and anywhere in between the two rivers.  It is great to be able to show someone everything you have been talking about to them, there is finally a level of understanding reached where everything makes more sense, “Ah, so that’s what you were talking about.”  Of course in NY there are a lot of touristy things to do, but ultimately it is the simple life of the


East Village that we like to show off the most.  All of our favorite places exist right on our doorstep, and as usual the nights I most enjoyed with our guests happened right on our block.  Simple things like strolling over to the rivers to take in some fresh air and enjoy the lit up skyline, or meandering down to Terroir to say hi to Tanner, these are the things that I am proud to show off to visitors.   Of course we also had to hit up our places of employment, but luckily that involves either wonderful vegan food at Pure Food and Wine, or incredible libations at Death & Co and PDT.  It is great to have such wonderful places to take our friends to when they get, especially knowing that everyone we work with bends over backwards for not only us, but our friends.  Dan, Robby, and I were lucky enough to have a night of debauchery planned out for us by Jim Meehan at some of Manhattans premier and exclusive bars.

All in all we had a wonderful time with Robby and Margaret visiting us out here.  Hopefully we can twist Robby’s arm enough so that next time his stay will be quite a bit longer.

Here are some of the highlights:

The bridges around Manhattan are incredible structures.  Every time I cross one, or even glimpse one off in the distance, it impresses me.  So Robby, Marg, Ad, and I decided to hike out to the middle of the Williamsburg Bridge in order to catch a view of the city.  It amazes me more people don’t fall off of the bridges/drive off considering the way people drive in NY.

Taking in some sights at the East River

Do you have an early bird special?

Hola! Que Tal, faithful followers of the Willey?  Just a quick update on a few things!  First and foremost, Shannon and I have switched our cell phone service over to AT&T in order to finally get our grubby little hands on the fable “iPhone” but in order to do this I had to give up my phone number.  So within about a week I will be spreading out my new number to you all!  Shannon’s number will stay the same. So keep you eyes open for that.

On a very different note, we once again are immersed in the wonderful sport of Futbol! World Cup has once again taken over our TV’s and I couldn’t be happier.  Now we don’t actually own a TV so we are forced to find a good spot to watch the games, but more often than not we find ourselves in a bar being suffocated by unruly fans egging their teams on.  Yesterday was no exception and at 9 AM I found myself in a bar in Brooklyn enjoying breakfast which included 2 eggs, potatoes, toast, coffee, and a beer all for 6 bucks.

Red Star in Brooklyn.

It is a blast getting up and meeting some friends in a bar to kick off the day, the fact that the games were great also didn’t hurt!  England and US heading into the bracket means a lot of soccer coming up over the next few weeks.    I do have one somewhat separate goal for watching the England play in the cup, Peter Crouch has to score a goal.  Watch out for me on the field playing for England.

After the game in the morning and then work all day Shannon came to meet me in the early evening for a light dinner.  Being 95 years old we have taken to eating dinner at 5

Natori Sushi

o’clock, and for as cheap as possible.  We try and seek out early bird specials an indulge in premium food for a low cost.  AKA the Natori Sushi special.  Shan and I hit up the first in our run of discount eating at a risky trial: Sushi.  We got wind of an awesome special which includes Miso Soup or Salad, Sushi Rolls, Sashimi, or Udon Noodles, and cold sake or beer!  Upon hearing this news we instantly vacated our immediate premise in order to enjoy this delicious opportunity before it expired at the time of 7 pm.  We showed up and planted ourselves outside in there extensive 1 table patio, and ordered this:

Fresh Spread.

Turns out to be delicious and shall enter onto our “Where to Dine on a Budget” list.  Following the same theme we then scooted over to my location of employment and indulged in some expertly crafted libations.  We have the coolest and most talented bar tenders to hit the scene.  We ended with these creations:

Lawn Dart, Lion's Tooth

Nothing too exciting happening other than that.  My sister got her new job at Pure Food and Wine, and everything seems to be going well there.  Dan continues his quest for wine knowledge with a tenacity few could rival, and much to the benefit of those who he kindly continues to introduce new wines to.

More to come as usual.  Keep checking in!

Uber Post…

I have been so distracted by everything that has been going on out here that by the time I get home every night I am too exhausted to even think about writing a blog post!  So here is a complete blast of information about what has been occurring around the world of the Wandering Willey!

Work is going great!  I am truly assuming a positive role as the manager of the joint.  We are evolving and creating new avenues towards success (including new locations!).  I am in love with the employees

Shannon visiting me at work. A common occurence.

of the place on both the crif side and the bar side.  Everyone seems to be completely involved and passionate about what they do, and not to mention extremely nice.  They have been very welcoming and made my life extremely easy as I dive in head first.  So far so good at Crif Dogs.

Shannon’s job seems to be going amazingly!  As it turns out she is phenomenal at being a cocktail server.  I know we never doubted her, but she really has taken everything on head first and proven to her new employers that there is no one better to be had.  She is ripping up the ranks, and I am continually astonished by her new found cocktail knowledge.  She is ruling the Manhattan cocktail scene.  Tanner, Dan, and I have already created a wonderful routine of planting ourselves at her bar… woe is me, life is hard when you have the two most distinguished and exclusive cocktail bars at your disposal at any time!

We have a DAN!  Shannon and I recently went out and got ourselves a Dan to live with.  After all of his recent travels Dan DeMartini has finally landed himself in open arms at 198 Ave A.

A taste of the new wine selection.

Bringing with him some rare delicacies from Italy and France, and an armful of stunning wines we have had no excuse to not celebrate his arrival.  The vintages we have been sipping at home lately have been not only great wines, but once in a lifetime wines.  Dan we love you.  We are so extremely happy that we have you to share new adventures with.

I had a particularly rough day at work the other day when I was working the counter at Crif.  It just so happened to be the New York Dance Parade, which turns out to be a procession of any and every kind of dancing that winds its way through the city and ends right in front of our restaurant!  In other words I had approximately 8 Trillion dancers filter in and out of the place for hot dogs all day long!  It was so extremely bust that we ultimately would run out of essentially everything at one point or another during the day.  On the other hand we did get to watch break dancers, stilt dancers, belly dancers, hip hop dancers, and many many more waltz their way through the city streets all day long.  One thing I am beginning to appreciate about the city is that there is ALWAYS something going on around where I am.  There is never any shortage of wonderment happening at any given time.

Shannon, Dan, and I have been focusing on eating well and in a somewhat un-traditional fashion lately.  We have solely been eating in small tapas style portions.  We come home every night and pop open a bottle of wine, and then lay out a spread of beautiful tastes which we pick at all night.  Dan actually was able to taste us on some amazing treats most recently: black truffles, white truffle creme, and a spreadable salami which was to die for.  I have included some photos of our typical spreads.  They are truly very simple, and they seem to be more satisfying than most meals I have eaten. 

Shan and Dan... Preparing for feasting.

There are a lot of new developments happening out here, and as soon as I am up to date with everything (hopefully tomorrow) I will make sure to let all of you fabulous people know exactly what is happening on this small little island we have decided to call home.  I hope everyone is doing very well out there.  I so very much miss New Mexico right now.  I miss the open air and all of the lovely people there.  I am sorry I can’t be with you for this extremely important weekend coming up!  Love you all!

Ya Vivimos!

It has been some time since my last post!  Shannon and I are still alive and wandering around the East Village.  Lately we have been attempting to find ourselves a semblance of routine, and while we have not yet settled into one we are very much on our way.  We have finally found ourselves both employed and working on a consistent basis, which feels secure and steady.  It’s a huge weight off of our shoulders.  We have finally allowed ourselves to somewhat get into the flow of a normal schedule again, even if we both work bizarre hours.  Crif Dogs is taking off, and business is good!  Shannon’s position at Death & Co keeps getting better and better, and between PDT and Death & Co we certainly have our favorite bars on lock down!  I am officially managing at work now which I find to be really enjoyable, and I am spending a lot of time trying to revamp a ton of systems at work.  I am very much still trying to get abreast of the entire situation at work, but everyday is getting more and more comfortable allowing me to start to dive in to all of the inner workings.

There really isn’t much to report out here right now.  Shannon and I have been working so hard on getting employed and then work itself that we haven’t been spending too much time adventuring.  Soon enough we will have our schedules under control so we can resume finding new and crazy things in New York, but until then we are attempting to lock down any adventuring.

I tried to find some clips on Crif Dogs, but was unable to locate any good ones.  Here is a clip of the bar:

Please Don’t Tell

Anyways, Just plodding along here in New York, doing our thing!  More to come over the next few days!  Here is a little shot of the apartment since I like to put up a picture with the posts!