The Adventure Continues: Year Two

Welcome to the 2nd year of the Wandering Willey!  February 26th marked the 1 year point for the blog.  There were 103 posts over the 365 day span, not too bad for year 1!  I am going to attempt to improve upon consistency again now that we have have settled into our new apartment, and hopefully stay in better touch with the world.  So here is to another year of good events to write about and to you the reader for sticking with us.  Cheers!

And on that note, let’s start this new blogging year with a bang:

"You can Sarran Wrap anything," Shannon Tebay.

We have officially moved!  We have set out the last of the moving boxes and bubble wrap at the curb, hung everything on walls, and stocked the pantry.  Our journey from the East Village to East Williamsburg was fairly uneventful, with careful planning and packing we were able to hire movers (the only way to go when 5 flights of stairs are involved) to get the job down in under 6 hours.  After saying goodbye to the old apartment last Sunday there is no looking back.  It is truly amazing the amount adventure contained in that silly little apartment perched above Avenue A.  Shannon, Dan, Addie, and all of the friends we had come and go have used that place as a launching pad for more excitement than anyone has a right to experience in just 14 months.  Time to start all over again in Brooklyn!

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC, NY.  We now live on the 4th floor of a red brick building above a jewelry shop.  During the process of moving out to the new borough it quickly became obvious that it was going to be a little different scene.  Not only are simple things quite different, as in the temperature is considerable colder when you are unprotected by the towering city, but also the architecture is radically different, the noise level is drastically reduced, and most blatantly and almost oppressively the blue sky returns!  It actually stratles me every time I look out of the window and see nothing but blue sky, I hadn’t realized how much I missed it.  We now get to see a real sunset every night!  Already the transition has been a little bitter-sweet, I have found that while Brooklyn has welcomed us with arms wide open I do already miss some things about the East Village.  When moving out of an old place it seems that it is hard to remember why it is we were moving, and only after settling into the new place did I come to understand the charm and unique beauty of our old neighborhood.  Moving forward from the city, there are tons of benefits to our new neighborhood!  Already we have located the plethora of great bars, restaurants, and cafes.  We have a grocery store right across the street!  Anyways, I can’t wait for the weather to let up so that we can actually figure out our new spot.

The Apartment: Small.  About 650 sq. ft. 1 Bedroom sitting atop of a large brick building (tallest on the block) with a view of the Manhattan skyline and the Williamsburg bridge!  It is no small thing being back in an apartment where things actually work, i.e. the sink works, cabinets have handles, the counters are marble and not porous stained vinyl, and there aren’t nails coming through the floor!  One thing has really made our new place a good place for me: sunlight.  We actually get bright morning sunlight in the kitchen and warm afternoon light in the living room.  Pair the sun with some blue skies and finally I can relax a little after escaping the concrete sidewalks and towering buildings.  Here are some pictures of the move and the new place slowly being assembled.

Much more to come this afternoon and over the next couple of days.  Check back in on updates about work, school, and new adventures.  We hope all of you guys are doing well.  Much love from Brooklyn/

Filling Frames

There are three frames sitting in our hall closet waiting to be filled, and finally they will be sated.  The fine gentlemen from Restoration Hardware dropped off a new drafting table for the house today which I am extremely excited about.  Finally Shannon has a legitimate place in the house to sit and draw.  Hopefully over the next few weeks I will begin to our walls fill up with beautiful graphite renderings!

After sitting at home for the last 4 days… wooo……  I have created a new Tumblr blog in order to catalog all of the cool things I stumble across on the internet.  Nothing overly exciting, just a catalog of randomness to keep me interested throughout the day.  You can find it here: – or – by clicking the link on the right side of the page under the links section.

Now I am off to retire to the couch to watch more ridiculous movies on Netflix and sip on a fusion of bourbon, honey, and hot chamomile tea!






Distilling Change

Welcome back to the Willey all!  It has obviously been quite a while since the last post, but fear not, this blog still yet has a beating heart!  Shannon and I have been working our ourselves to the bone with real life lately.  As it turns out at some point after moving to a new place you do actually have to settle down into somewhat of a routine of work, eat, and sleep.  While this is not the most fun routine in the world to find yourself wrapped up in, it is not entirely awful either.  Over the last month we have had some visitors come out and finally experience what we have going out here.  David L. Willey actually came to New York City to visit us!  I am fairly confident we sent him back exhausted, whether it was from all the excitement or simply from sleeping on our couch bed for a week, exhausted none the less.  He was joined by our good friend Emily Freyer who is now able to report back to Phyllis about the whole scene we have created here in the east.  Shannon has continuously fed into the house a stream of delicious treats from school, and is doing great at her most stellar of bars.  Addie is working away at Pure still, but spends most of her time being famous with her uber guitar playing boyfriend Mike.  There is a cool scene here that she has been starting to tap into that revolves around guitars, in particular Gibson, which I will have to delve more deeply into at some point.

Distilling is something that I have always wanted to explore.  It is the fascination with process and tradition that lead me to seek out one of the three artisan distilleries in Brooklyn to learn the trade.  I approached Kings County Distillery’s owner David Haskell with a proposition of getting into the distillery to learn how to craft Whiskeys and Bourbons either as a volunteer or just a visitor, but little did I know at the time that they were actually looking for someone to come in part time to take some shifts distilling.  So in 2 long shifts, the first of which extremely eye opening, I was trained on how to run their very small distillery by myself, and then one late Friday night I was set loose and told to create a batch of bourbon.  So it begins!  I am now in a full rotation of distillers, 5 people including the owners, making small batch alcohol in a small warehouse in the middle of Brooklyn.  It is an extremely cool process, surprisingly simple, that I will do a full write up on once I have it down and fully understand all of its small intricacies.   So far so good.

On a different note… I was walking through the East Village on my way down to Soho the other day and was caught by this odd orange construction tape installation.  At first you hardly notice that it is something, but after stopping to stare a little the whole scene pops out at you.  Thought you guys might enjoy it.

Much more to come on the blog, possibly tonight.  Until then, be well!

Chef Shannon, or Tristan Gets Fat.

I know I haven’t posting anything in quite some time, and quite certainly there is a lot of stuff that has happened over the last 3 weeks!  Visitors, job stuff, weather, NY chaos… etc.  These will all be addressed over the next few days, but for this post I would really love to highlight one thing: Talent.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights have become quite crowded around our apartment.  Shannon has now been fully immersed into culinary school and we are reaping the benefits usually two-three servings at a time.  After every class she attends you can find us all huddled in the living room waiting for clock to strike 11, the door to swing open revealing a pastry toting chef, and for the feeding frenzy to commence.  Luckily Shan gets to bring home everything she makes in class from cookies to tarts, they make their way home in a huge cake shaped carrier, think pet carrier but cake shaped, and then they are quickly devoured.

Shannon obviously has a flair for the craft as everything she brings into our home appears professional, and tastes better than everything I have had in a professional kitchen.  It has been incredible watching the evolution of her food as she tinkers with crusts and is slowly given more and more artistic license.  It seems like every time she comes home she completely outdoes herself… again.  Also amazing is her growing excitement for the processes she is learning.  Everything is always better when someone is doing it simply because they love it, it shows in the quality.

Come on over Monday, Wednesday, or Friday and join in to the fun!  It’s funny watching everyone oooh and ahhh over the delicate fruit tarts.  Don’t be surprised if next time we see you we are twice the people you used to know.  Here are some of the exquisite delicacies we get to sample (Unfortunately the light is not great at 11 PM and leaves the pictures somewhat orangey)