Spring; Green

Finally!  Spring is beginning to grab hold of the city and while the temperatures and rain seem to be all over the maps the view is filling up with green!  Winter in the city isn’t bad due to the constant cold temperatures or the weather, I actually quite like those things, but for the dark layer of grime that coats everything.  The city gets so dirty during the cold seasons, and as we watch spring seep onto the scene we also see the grime give way to emerging green.  Finally it’s comfortable to waltz around the town at a leisurely pace and actually take in the sights versus the head down metered march of simply needing to cover ground.  Another symptom of spring is the instant crowding of sidewalks, but rather than being a hassle it simply creates an unparalleled opportunity for premium people watching.  An outside seat at a cafe near a busy sidewalk, beer in hand of course, far outweighs anything you could ever watch on TV or in a theater.

Anyways, here is to Spring.  Cheers to warmer weather!

Union Square showing signs of life!

Found a new branch of my gym in an awesome spot!

Happiness: The Better Alternative

So yesterday Shannon and I decided to go out into the world and make the most of an uncertain day.  We got ourselves ready and marched out of our front door in search of anything wonderful we could find.  We wanted to go and explore our new favorite part of New York City, the part where I finally feel like I could fit in and truly enjoy, the part that is most likely one of the most expensive places in the city to live, and the part where we love to spend our time.  So we marched right out of our front door and on to the train and rode over to the West Village.  The funny thing about Manhattan is that it is split up into so many little sub-communities: Chelsea, East Village, Greenwich, Soho, Noho, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Midtown… etc.  Where we visited yesterday, and I hope to move to the first chance we get, is only 1.4 miles, but to get there we passed through East Village, Greenwich Village, and then into the West Village.  Which means that all of those neighborhoods are less then 800 meters wide, and they all have extremely different feelings and appearances.  Anyways, we happen to love the West Village.  Tree lined cobble stone streets, with beautiful old brownstone, english looking walk up buildings.  Every corner has a wonderful little bistro tucked under it, and as you can see below, every tree, shrub, bush, and open space is packed with flowers and green.  So we made our way into the West Village to have some lunch.  We stopped into a Scandinavian Bistro and sat down on their patio to enjoy some delicious food and a glass of wine (lush).  After slowly enjoying our lunch we walked through the beautiful streets enjoying some time away from the always loud Avenue A, and made our way to the Hudson River.  I always forget I am on an island.  There is rarely a reason, or opportunity, for me to see the water that is constantly flowing around me, in spite of it always being less then a mile a way.  We wandered down the river walk basking in the cool air off the water, and enjoying that briny sea smell from where the fresh water smashes into the salty water.  We watched barges float by, and took in the sights.  After taking in some open air and open water, we ventured through the Meat Packing District, and to complete the cliche there was actually a model photo shoot going on.  We took the train home, and relaxed before heading out for the night.

Last night was another great new experience for us as we got to enjoy the music of one of our good friends live in a cool venue.  We went down to the edge of Soho to a little performance space/bar  to catch Tanner Walle and his band play the night away.  Live music and a drink is always a nice night.  Even better: when it is your friend playing.  Even BETTER is when the music is good!  I would share the videos with you, but you are going to have to do with just pictures, as the videos are very large files.  After Tanner finished his set, we lucked out to have another solo guitar player and his trumpet playing friend (who we found out just finished his masters at Juliard) play so really nice laid back songs, which we ended up loving.  Great night at the Rockwood Music Hall.  After that we wandered home, split a bottle of wine, and crashed.

We really did attempt to make this day consistently enjoyable from start to finish.  It was our goal to get up and make the most of our day, and use all of the amazing world we have around us.  I think it was a success, and I think it is important to say that it was also a tribute.  There is never a reason to say no to making the most out of the situation you are in.  Something that my sister, myself, and most importantly my father have learned and made the most of thanks to my mother: your first instinct should always be, “yes,”  I think I shall go out and do that.  Let’s make the most of it.

Here are the many pictures we took from yesterdays adventures:

Our lunch table at Smorgas.

My Lunch Date

The West Village, and our waitress.


Everything is blooming!


New Jersey!

Empire State!


Tanner Walle: Rockwood Music Hall

This is the unnamed guy and trumpet player.