Cafe Mogador: Brunch of Choice

So this is the brunch place Shan and I have been going to on Sundays.  It’s called Cafe Mogador, and it has the best Eggs Benedict around.  Included with your meal is a glass of fresh oj and bottomless espresso.  On the side are a side salad and some b-fast potatoes.  I am in love with these poached eggs, they come out so beautiful every time.  It looks almost like they are a dollop of whipped cream… How do they do it? Sorry about the picture quality, we forgot the real camera at home, this comes from my phone…

My Typical Sunday Selection

A Close Up on Perfection

Morning Brew

Woke up this morning after spending the night at our local wine bar, Terroir, and in spite of a slight headache was able to force myself out of bed.  Washed up, threw on my jersey, and headed down the street to meet Jamie at the 11th Street Bar.  Today Liverpool played the Rovers, and it just so happens that the US Headquarters for the Liverpool Fan Club is located at a really cool pub on our block!!!  So 10 am on Sunday morning Shannon, Jamie, and I found ourselves with a coffee in one hand and a hard cider in the other, dawning Liverpool gear, and chanting songs with a lot of British guys.  We hung out putting back ciders until the game ended, 2-1 Liverpool, and realized we had yet to eat.  So we ventured forth to Mogador where they played Tears For Fears all morning!  and had eggs benedict brunch…  and here I am!  Addie and Mag Tag, come out ahora.