A very new direction…

It is finally official and I am allowed to spread the word.  I taking a new position in New York with a new company.  There will be no more Super Runners Shops for me!  Let me just say I only wanted to work hard for these guys, expand there company vision and capabilities, and gain them more business.  It is a shame they couldn’t make that move.  But the sky is the limit from here people!  I have been looking for a new job for a few weeks and finally by sheer happenstance landed on a good one.  I am entering into training and a trial period with Crif Dogs/PDT.  They are a killer hot dog place which houses an entrance to their amazing upscale speakeasy.  I am going to be training first at the counter for the hot dog restaurant, and then in a week begin discussing a move into the manager position that oversees the restaurant and the speakeasy.  I am really excited about the potential this position represents.  After talking to their managing partner it seems that this company, which is widely regarded as a duo of two bests (the best hot dogs, and the best cocktail mixology lounge), has a very progress oriented vision and is looking to intelligently continue to grow their business.  I know it sounds kind of funny, but the hot dog side of the operation is really cool.  They have a fun and down to earth atmosphere, and boast the best hot dogs in the US.  Seriously.  They have been featured the last 9 years in every big publication you could imagine.  The speakeasy (PDT or Please Don’t Tell) is absolutely incredible.  You have to enter through the hot dog side into a phone booth.  Once inside they are an upscale place with phenomenal cocktails.  We have been in before with Dan, Addie, and Margaret and loved it.  They have a no bullshit policy which revolves around being respectful in the bar, and they uphold it.  No hats. No rambunctiousness.  No blatant hitting on people.  Proper manners.  They play great music, and they have created a cool scene.  The combo of the super laid back hot dog joint, and the upscale speakeasy is unlikely, and perfectly suited.  Anyways, it is really exciting encountering a company where they have a real grasp on what they are doing and where they want to head.  I really hope this works out.

The schedule is absolutely going to throw me for a loop, at least to start.  My first day consists of working from 8 PM to 5 AM.  After that it seems to be a little more normal, but those odd late nights are going to be a stretch!  Anyways, wish me luck in this new endeavor, I high high expectations for what may come of it.

Since both Shannon and I are really making a shift towards our culinary ambitions I am going to start highlighting what we are concocting in the kitchen at home, whether it be simple and easy or an all day project.  Last night we through this together after we got back from a run.  We created a fresh pasta sauce from all raw veggies.  We threw together some vine ripened tomatoes, squash, zucchini, onions, garlic, mushrooms, and peppers, simmered them for ages with lots of spices, and then served it over eggplant “steaks” we roasted in the oven, put it all over a bed of fettuccine.  Mandatory fresh bread and olive oil/balsamic on the side.   We sat down to eat this and watched Wristcutters, which turns out to be pretty good!  If you are in the mood for a quirky indie flick, this will satisfy!  Here is a picture of the foodness:

Pure Health.




It has been a hard few days here in NYC.  Weird happenings going on throughout all of the little pieces of our lives.  Nothing overly bad, and nothing great, just changes.  Shannon and I are both finding ourselves in situations which require us to rethink our plans, adjust our lives, and head new directions.  While none of it is negative, it does require us to really question where we want to head, and the real reasons about why we are where we are.  Both of us are in love with city life, and the hustle and bustle of things around us, but now is our chance to either continue to own our situation, or to put ourselves into a new one.  Luckily we have a taste of home headed our way tomorrow in the form of Alex and Marg, and then Dan on wednesday, which will be a huge breath of fresh air.  I truly believe that after we get to spend some time with our favorite people that we will have much more insight and clarity about the decisions that stand in front of us.  So until it comes down to game time out here I will leave you with some more pictures of my walking tour of the city.  As I travel in between many stores here on our little island I continue to snap off photos of interesting sights around me.  Here are some sights in between Time Square and Grand Central Station.

This is the chaos of Time Square: This is what the outside world thinks NYC is.

Super Runners Shop, Time Square

Cathedral in the middle of town.

Grand Central, Hallway Next to the Main Terminal, Enormous.

Main Terminal. Insanity.

Sit Tight, I Got a New Camera.

So I got this new camera… so you get to follow me on foot throughout my day.  I will somewhat abbreviate this for you.

Got up, rolled out of bed, had some Breakfast O’s (Whole Food Style Cheerios)

Rolled across the street and picked up some coffee from Ost.

Headed to the train and took the L to the 3, and ended up at the Super Runners Shop in the Upper West Side:

77th and Amsterdam Ave, Outside the Upper West Side Store.

Worked there for awhile.

Then I meandered my way over to Time Square for lunch and the Asics store.

I got a good ham sandwich on brioche and ate it here while watching ping pong and bocce ball:

Eatin' in the park.

Bocce Ball along the Avenue of the Americas

Ping Pong...

From here I went into the Asics Store… which is the only Asics store in the US.  I changed into some Asics gear, and got to work using their automatic foot scanner/gait analysis machine, which produces a whole packet of information for every logged in user.  Tried that out for the afternoon, and then headed home to the Shannon.

Asics Store

Got some dinner: Turkey Burg and Side Salad, Some Fries.

Went to our favorite bar for a Guiness.

Destination, one of our hauntings.

Came home, blogged, and heading to bed… Gym in the morning.

Good Night All!