What a Blur!

Just saw Addie and Margaret off to the airport after their 10 day excursion to the city.  It is now time to do absolutely nothing and let our bodies recover from the constant go go go that was the last 10 days, I think, of our lives.  Time for some delivery… a bottle of wine… and a hot bath.  Over the last few days we have attempted to do everything!  Favorite quest of all time: Macaron Day!  We traveled all over the city in order to indulge in the most sacred of delights, according to Alexandra E. Willey, which were to be given away for free!  We walked for miles all through Manhattan in order to sample insanely good french cookies ranging in flavor from Rose Water and Saffron to Gran Marnier and Candied Orange Peel.  These legendary cookies are actually as good as you want them to be.

While not hunting for treats we were often found at Terroir, wine bar numero uno in our book, or Destination Bar and Grill.  We also enjoyed another amazing meal courtesy of the extremely knowledgeable and wonderful DeMartini family.  Pastis,a French Bistro, hosted us for a full dining experience from champagne and oysters to creme brulee and crepes!  Incredible.  Thank you guys so much!

All in all an absolutely incredible week.  It was really nice to have such a wonderful taste of home, and we already miss you guys!  Until next time!

Found My Corner!

The Infamous Macaron

Visitors… an Introduction.

Addie and Margaret finally made it to the city!  These pictures chronicle their introduction to some of our favorite places.  Here is how it is going so far, in pictures:

Wandering up Broadway

Ost Cafe, Mid-Afternoon Rejuvenation.

Bein' Cool.

Marg Lost Among Chandeliers.

@ Common Ground.

Motley Crew @ Destination

Drawing Diagrams at Terroir