It has been a hard few days here in NYC.  Weird happenings going on throughout all of the little pieces of our lives.  Nothing overly bad, and nothing great, just changes.  Shannon and I are both finding ourselves in situations which require us to rethink our plans, adjust our lives, and head new directions.  While none of it is negative, it does require us to really question where we want to head, and the real reasons about why we are where we are.  Both of us are in love with city life, and the hustle and bustle of things around us, but now is our chance to either continue to own our situation, or to put ourselves into a new one.  Luckily we have a taste of home headed our way tomorrow in the form of Alex and Marg, and then Dan on wednesday, which will be a huge breath of fresh air.  I truly believe that after we get to spend some time with our favorite people that we will have much more insight and clarity about the decisions that stand in front of us.  So until it comes down to game time out here I will leave you with some more pictures of my walking tour of the city.  As I travel in between many stores here on our little island I continue to snap off photos of interesting sights around me.  Here are some sights in between Time Square and Grand Central Station.

This is the chaos of Time Square: This is what the outside world thinks NYC is.

Super Runners Shop, Time Square

Cathedral in the middle of town.

Grand Central, Hallway Next to the Main Terminal, Enormous.

Main Terminal. Insanity.

A Wander About Town

So I was checking in on a few stores on the Upper East Side, and finished up to find myself with a free afternoon.  Rather than get back on the train and head home I decided to meander around town and cross the park.  Here are a few random photos shot with my phone (woohoo) of the park and surrounding area.  Turns out central park has some pretty amazing little nooks, and even a castle!