Best Bar Just Off of Manhattan.

It is hard to track down.  The doors only open every 30 minutes, and you have to exit and then re-enter every time they do.  It rocks, literally.

In order to save money and yet still go out and have an adventurous time in Manhattan, Tanner, Dan, and I decided to venture out into the world and take a long walk.  We were going to take advantage of of what we had available to us.  First stop: bite to eat at Crif Dogs, quintessential way to start the evening.  It was here that Tanner, obviously fueled by the brain enhancing qualities of a Spicy Redneck (crif specialty hot dog: Bacon wrapped dog, deep fried, topped with chili, coleslaw, and jalepenos) make the bold decision to head south.  So we marched south, to the very tip of Manhattan, and it was from here we headed out into the night aboard the best bar just outside of Manhattan: The Staten Island Ferry.  It is free, it has a bar that serves $3.75 16oz Heineken, it is about 10-20 degrees cooler than anywhere in the city, and it has the most supreme view of the Manhattan skyline I have seen so far.  We rode the ferry across to Staten Island coming within a few meters of the Statue of Liberty, drinking a cold beer on the 30 minute trip over, and let cool salt water sea air cool us off.  Once you are at one end they make you exit and then re-board, and then it was back towards our island, another beer in hand, and the beautiful towering skyline in our sights.  Best Bar Not Quite in Manhattan.

I took quite a few pictures aboard the ferry, but the water was fairly choppy, and the camera settings had to be set to night conditions: blurry pictures abound.  Here are a few of the more recognizable shots.

The night didn’t end here.  After returning to the south end of Manhattan we began our trek home.  In Manhattan even the shortest walk is packed with anything you can imagine, but a long walk makes you feel like you are seeing the world.  First we encountered the beautiful hundreds of years old buildings of the tip of the island, and then passed into the tower and stacked buildings of the financial district.  Huge buildings tower over clean cobble stone streets with blockades strewn across the streets to stop any 4 wheeled traffic.  We skimmed by Wall Street, and all of the other phenomenal structures somewhat in awe of how imposing they look lit up at night.

We traveled through the clean and quieter streets of Downtown, and entered into the sea port area, which turns out is a bustling but quaint little spot in town!   At this point we stumbled onto this beauty which reminded me of of Mr. Tebay: After the sea port we moved up through the deserted and filthy streets of Chinatown.  Didn’t take any pictures here, I was too busy covering my nose from the foul stench of the rotten food that was dumped into the streets.  Not a big fan of Chinatown.  Chinatown connects to the lower east side, connects back into the East Village, which contains home.  Adventure grande. On foot: the only way to see New York.


The Most Precious Commodity: Time

Bahahahahaha!  Insanity!  There is no time to sleep around here right now.  New guests, new things to do, work, cooking… etc.  Shannon, Addie, Dan, and I are constantly continuing the adventure that is New York.

Not much has really changed around here too much.  I am in and out of work constantly, as is Shannon, but it is a good thing for both us as we work in really cool places.  The more I

PDT: In Action

get to know our staff at Crif Dogs and PDT the more I love the place, I am lucky enough to work with some really good employees.  Shannon is absolutely ROCKING cocktail knowledge.  She is so on top of everything she has to learn, and to see her so curious and excited about it all is really fun.  Our bodies have yet to adjust to very weird schedules, and as of right now we both seem to be zombies all the time, but I am sure that our systems will adapt soon enough.

My sister seems to be fitting in like Manhattan was made for her.  It is great to see her in her element, now we just have to hunt her down a job!

Dan is taking his wine passion to all new heights and I have yet to catch him without a piece of wine literature in his hands.  It is a blast to be out with some one who doesn’t just dabble in wines, but knows wines.

Had the good pleasure to head out to Brooklyn a couple of nights ago to catch Tanner’s concert.  There is nothing quite as cool as when your get to appreciate your friends in their element.  Being able to see Tanner and Mike up on stage totally and completely into their music is absolutely amazing!  It is a good night when you get all of your friends together for a beer and some live great live music, and an even better night when the music is being played by your friends!  I am still trying to figure out the best way to include video on the blog, but I have some short clips of the concert.  My little cannon point and shoot cam takes great video, but the sound gets a little distorted so I have chosen some really random clips…

Dan and I have been trying to keep ourselves well immersed in the world around us and there is not a better way to do that then to just go for a long walk.  Recently we hit all of China Town, Little Italy, Financial District, World Trade Center, Tribeca, Meat Packing District, and West Village in an epically long walk.  I finally came to understand just how enormous the buildings really are that make up the NY skyline.  Seeing all of the wall street buildings and court houses… etc, in downtown is… humbling.  Amazing that such a small island holds all of these crazy neighborhoods and huge buildings, and it is so cool that you can walk in and out of all of these culture soaked places at a whim.  It can be kind of shocking to the senses.

Anyways, there is much much more to write about when I get a chance, and a lot of really big things coming up!  But here is the last week in photos:

Village Person

With Shannon starting a new restaurant job today I wandered around the Village on my own savoring the last afternoon of freedom before work resumes tomorrow.  Tomorrow night I head to work at the wonderful hour of 8 pm, and then get off work at the ungodly hour of 4 am.  I am trying to plan out the strategy on how to approach shifts like this, especially if they are erratic and not in my normal rotation.  Plan for now: get up at a normal hour (8:30ish) go for a long run to wear myself out again, and then when that post long run urge to nap hits me I will give in, hopefully sleeping into the afternoon when I will awaken fresh and ready to tackle the night shift!  Truly it isn’t actually a big deal, and I am excited rather than dreading it.  It is almost like being a 10 year old kid headed to a sleep over and you know you are going to try to stay up all night.  Granted as a 10 year I never successfully made it through a whole night.  So I wandered through the village on this lovely warm day snapping off pictures and visiting new places.  So I am wandering through the West Village enjoying the green trees and cobblestone streets, randomly snapping off pictures with Shannon’s camera, when finally I decide I am done walking around and it is time to head towards the gym.  I dissemble the camera, pack it away into the carrying case, sling it over my shoulder, take about two steps, look up, and see Sara Jessica Parker walking towards me.  It was a little tiny vine covered, tree shaded road and she was waltzing right up it.  I didn’t realize the opportunity that had just passed me by on foot until I had to fight my way through a throng of paparazzi who were sprinting up the street a block behind her.  It always seems that these situations pop up the second the camera is put away.  I would have been too embarrassed to take her picture anyways.  Here are some of the other things I saw today.  (I really am only just learning to use a camera, my apologies)

Let’s just keep rolling with it…

Lots of blog action these last few days!  I hope I am not exhausting you guys with this.  I would give it a break for a few days but everything would just pile up on itself, and I do like having this journal to really mark dates and times for when I am looking back on it.

Our first kickball game was a success!  The ‘Booze on First’ team gains its first win 5-4 over ‘Who’s on First’ (Instant rivalry?) and we are primed and ready to put down our next foe next week.  We meet at an elementary school playground and play on the blacktop, under the Manhattan Bridge.  It is a really relaxed and fun way to blow off some steam, and it gets us killer discounts at the sponsor bar right down the street from our house!

This afternoon I got to go and visit Shannon at day 1 of her new gallery internship.  She is interning for a famous photographer in town who owns his own gallery.  She helped unveil a new show today at the famed Chelsea Hotel, and I dropped in for some free wine and a gander at the art.  The show itself is really amazing, it is a collection of 500 Polaroid pictures, and at first I was pretty skeptical about the value and the scope of the show, but as soon as I got into the room where it was being shown I was actually blown away.  It is amazing how Polaroid as a format really just endears you to the photo.  I am not going to critique the show as I would make a fool out of myself.  The venue on the other hand was absolutely incredible.  The Chelsea Hotel is a famous art hub in the most artistic and renown neighborhood in New York for art.   It is an old and worn hotel plastered with art.  As far as I can tell all of the rooms are suites, and are essentially great old apartments.  The room they used for the show is on the 5th floor, rundown, needing work, and up until this installment was storage space.  I snapped off a few photos just to get the gist of things, but Shannon already said that when she has the gallery all to herself early next week she would try and really capture the show in photo in order to put it up.  It was really cool to get out and see though.

I decided to make use of the great weather today and walk back home across town from the show.  Every time I let myself walk though new neighborhoods I am blown away by what I stumble into.  I know I have repeatedly voiced how small Manhattan technically is, and yet seems endless, but I am seriously astounded by the fact that the very limited area I have haunted still catches me off guard with what is hidden here.  Today I came across this amazing little square, Gramercy, which of course is famous and has its own neighborhood named for it, but which I had never previously been in.  It is a perfectly manicured lawn and flower laden oasis in between insane avenues.  I could barely hear cars while I was lost in there.  I have only recently realized how many of these small wonders exist in this city and have purchased a pad to write down the coordinates, ex: E 20th + 3rd (S), which deciphers to, “East 20th Street at 3rd Avenue (Shannon Would Really Like This)”  Dan and Addie, I hope you are ready for some walking this summer when you get out here, as I have categories on this list with your initials plastered to them as well.

Anyways, here are the days pictures.  The soundtrack goes as follows: Passion Pit, Bon Iver, and Local Natives.