New Bar Friends

So finally we have made new friends with some Mahattanites… who own the bar right next door to our house.  Dan, you know them as Dan and Mel.  Luckily they are extremely nice people!  It is mine and Shannon’s new favorite bar, and the owners are a married couple who are supremely nice.  We now have an open tab, and good friends there.  Dan is THE guy who designed and created HULU!  With his Hulu money designed and create the bar with is right next door to us as a side project.  An amazing place.  I will get pictures up shortly!

Morning Brew

Woke up this morning after spending the night at our local wine bar, Terroir, and in spite of a slight headache was able to force myself out of bed.  Washed up, threw on my jersey, and headed down the street to meet Jamie at the 11th Street Bar.  Today Liverpool played the Rovers, and it just so happens that the US Headquarters for the Liverpool Fan Club is located at a really cool pub on our block!!!  So 10 am on Sunday morning Shannon, Jamie, and I found ourselves with a coffee in one hand and a hard cider in the other, dawning Liverpool gear, and chanting songs with a lot of British guys.  We hung out putting back ciders until the game ended, 2-1 Liverpool, and realized we had yet to eat.  So we ventured forth to Mogador where they played Tears For Fears all morning!  and had eggs benedict brunch…  and here I am!  Addie and Mag Tag, come out ahora.

A Wander About Town

So I was checking in on a few stores on the Upper East Side, and finished up to find myself with a free afternoon.  Rather than get back on the train and head home I decided to meander around town and cross the park.  Here are a few random photos shot with my phone (woohoo) of the park and surrounding area.  Turns out central park has some pretty amazing little nooks, and even a castle!

Dan Comes to Town!

First Prize goes to Dan DeMartini!  Dan was the first from Albuquerque to make their way out to visit his lost chickens in NYC.  While Dan was in town we wasted no time finding anything and everything to do all over this island of mine they call “Manhattan.”   Highlights among our debauchery include: Official manly haircuts and shaves at our new man club, Freeman’s Sporting Club. <- Check it out, they offer a hangover special, we hit up the premier Jewish bagel and fish market,  Death & Co (our favorite bar), but one of the stand out events from the extended weekend goes as follows.

The Tale of the Rolls:

Dan and I awoke one fine morning and decided to trek up to the Upper East Side in order to make our presence known to the Ralph Lauren located in town.  En route we decided to stop off for a coffee at a cafe, but in order to do so we needed to hit the bank for cash.  On our way out of the bank we decided to grab an employee and ask for a recommendation on a local cafe.  As the employee started to direct us to a local market a dapper looking customer piped in with his own opinion.  This man: 60 ish, plaid trousers, sport coat, purple tie, yellow french cuff shirt, pristine calf skin loafers, and slicked back bleached blonde hair.  He tells the employee, “I think I may have a better spot for these guys, they don’t want a market, they want espresso!”  He then turns to us and says I know of a place, let me show you.  We graciously accept thinking we would step outside the bank and he would point out a distant store front.  As we step out from the bank this finely garmented man indicates that his car was pulling up and we should allow him to drop us off at the uptown espresson bar, Sant Ambrose.  Seconds later, jaws dropped, we are ushered by an Armani suited driver named Tony into a brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom.  (Fig. B)  We then cruised up Madison Avenue to our espresso bar chatting about Albuquerque and living life to its fullest.  As we exited the Rolls to many onlookers trying to catch a glimpse of our obviously infamous faces it was obvious to both Dan and I that the experience which we just had was a bizarre and rare occurrence.  Here is to you unnamed and crazy gentleman.

Salumeria Rosi

Take From:

Thought I’d share a recent restaurant visit that Shannon, Dan, and I had in New York.

Dan Demartini came to town for a few days to visit us. His family owns Columbus Sausage outside of San Fransisco which purveys salami and artisan meats to companies all over the country. When his family found out he was going to be in New York visiting us they made sure to set up a dinner at Salumeria Rosi, a True Italian restaurant who hand crafts their own meats on site. So we went in together and were special guests to the Head Chef, Cesare, a large and lively Italian man.

We walked in the door to be greeted by the hostess who promptly brought us aperitifs compliments of the chef which were Prosecco and Amaretto with a hint of orange. Dan introduced us to all of the meats in the display case such as the Speck, Mortadella, Salami Cotto, Prosciutto, and many more…

We were quickly sat at our table and presented with prosciutto and parmigiana reggiano biscuits from Cesare. Things from this point on were a complete blur, Cesare came out to the table to greet us and then cooked us up a storm of authentic, light, delicious Italian food. He didn’t let us order anything but rather brought us everything on the menu from appetizers to main courses. He selected every course to follow the next in a perfect order, and took time to explain the dish and where its influences came from. He actually sampled us on 18 different meals which included:

A Plate of Artisans Cured Meats

Warm Radiccio, soft scrambled egg, pancetta salad

1/2 Beef 1/2 Pork Meatballs with a light marinara, over a bed of mashed potatoes

7 Heirloom Bean Salad

Italian Panini, spicy stuffed guanciale pork, over a bed of arugula

Escarole e Alicette – Escarole with a spicy anchovies

Traditional Lasagna with a light bechamel sauce

Pork Belly! Cooked in its own fats with white beans

Risotto, farro with butternut squash and cinnamon pumpkin seeds

Prime Skirt Steak with cannellini beans and basil

Polenta with a braised oxtail ragu

Fusilli Pasta with traditional tomato sauce

Leek, Pancetta, Parmigiana Tart

We enjoyed a bottle of Barbaresco 2005.

Then every dessert they had to offer. Mousse, Apple Cakes, Bread Pudding, Cheese Cake

Then we were again presented with a bottle of Asti, sparkling wine.

We saw more food then I have ever seen come out of a kitchen, but the best part about it was they made sure we were just tasting everything and not gorging. It was just a tour through their dishes. The service was amazing, and the chef was such a gracious host! At the end of the night all we received in our ticket folder was a note left from Dan’s older sister that said I hope you enjoyed…

Now all of you have to come out here so we can take you to meet our new friend Cesare, and have an amazing authentic Italian meal (which low and behold is nothing like Olive Garden)

A spread of entrees from Salumeria Rosi