The Epic-center.

They demanded attention.  You couldn’t help but gaze at the beacons blazing into the sky high enough to bend with the atmosphere.  These lights have been burning through the night all week leading up to to September 11th. Truly one of the most impacting monuments ever displayed.  It was a challenge to capture them on film, but for being the middle of the night, Addie did a great job.

I was wandering to work this morning to prepare everything for the day ahead, and walked into the middle of wonderful community social!  I have already highlight both the Thompkins Square Farmers Market and the wonderful park encompassing artwork, but to see them together along with so many of the neighbors was a cheerful sight.  Here are some of the paintings that have evolved out of the what I posted yesterday:


Some pictures from messing around with the iPhone.

Unique New York.

Here are some random moments captured on film:

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Check out this sweet video from outside of Crif Dogs.  This guy came with his band and rocked out!  We didn’t even know he was coming!  Thanks mystery dancing dog… we enjoyed the afternoon.

Dem Apples!

Poked, Prodding, Shocked, Stabbed, Drained, Rubbed… it goes on.

Shannon and I both went to the doctor today for physicals!  We both went in thinking we only had to get a hep A and TB test to fill out some forms, but our doctors had a different idea.  They decided that since we had to be there anyways that we should receive a complete yearly physical.  Sounded like a logical process to Shan and I, although I don’t think we had much input into it, so we were put in our rooms and given medical gowns.

For 3 hours I sat in my sterile little room while swarms of workers zipped around me with machines trying to figure out if I was broken anywhere.  If I could do a time lapse I could only imagine to look like a nascar pit stop.  It was truly amazing the leap from what I considered a physical to include to what happened to me today.  This wasn’t your, “Do you smoke? No.  Do you drink?  Yes.  Turn and Cough,” kind of physical.   Let’s see, I had a sonogram of my heart from all angles, and a complete EKG, turns out I have an irregular heart beat, but nothing to worry about.  Hearing test, yes I am still deaf.  A dermatologist checked me from head to toe.  I got rigged up to a human wind tunnel and checked lung capacity.  The optometrist gave me a thumbs up.  I left a bunch of blood in vials for them, and a solid cup of urine!  In return they left a bubble of chemicals in my arm to see if I have TB… and it went on…….

As much as I don’t enjoy being stabbed with needles, and wandering around naked through medical offices, I do enjoy knowing how my body is functioning.  I am so excited to get back the blood results.  I know I am healthy right now, and I know we eat extremely healthily, and we hit the gym every day, and we walk everywhere, but confirmation is always nice as well as proves to you that everything you do to keep in shape is worth it.

We weren’t allowed to eat last night and this morning, or have coffee, so after our intense tune ups we headed straight down to get some pancakes to refuel.  So after all of this ordeal we will have our results in hand tomorrow.

On an entirely different note here is a picture of the latte I picked up by the park to replenish my caffein stores.  Everywhere you go around town serves you lattes and cappuccinos like this, with the milk art on top.  I have a love hate relationship with it… it is pretty, but I ultimately slap a lid on that and drink it down… but it also means it takes that much more time to make the drink.  Whatever, at least it looks cool.  When I find some of the more spectacular ones I will post those too.

Much love you all.

Foam Art!


Shannon and I have been HOOKED on a new television series that documents a round the world trip by Ewan McGregor, who turns out is one cool dude, and his friend Charlie, on their motorcycles.  It is absolutely amazing.  There is Long Way Round which is their trip from London through siberia through the US to NY.  There is also Long Way Down which takes them from Scotland to Cape Town.  Watch them.  They are awesome.