Spring; Green

Finally!  Spring is beginning to grab hold of the city and while the temperatures and rain seem to be all over the maps the view is filling up with green!  Winter in the city isn’t bad due to the constant cold temperatures or the weather, I actually quite like those things, but for the dark layer of grime that coats everything.  The city gets so dirty during the cold seasons, and as we watch spring seep onto the scene we also see the grime give way to emerging green.  Finally it’s comfortable to waltz around the town at a leisurely pace and actually take in the sights versus the head down metered march of simply needing to cover ground.  Another symptom of spring is the instant crowding of sidewalks, but rather than being a hassle it simply creates an unparalleled opportunity for premium people watching.  An outside seat at a cafe near a busy sidewalk, beer in hand of course, far outweighs anything you could ever watch on TV or in a theater.

Anyways, here is to Spring.  Cheers to warmer weather!

Union Square showing signs of life!

Found a new branch of my gym in an awesome spot!

Welcome to the Neighborhood: East Williamsburg/Bushwick

As you saunter down Scholes St. to my new residences you are certain to encounter a wide variety of different people.  From young hip recent college grads, to 70 year old Hispanic women, to young children playing in the streets, to Armani clad businessmen, they all make appearances around the block roaming streets that parade low riders with window shaking bass being followed by a Ferrari, separated by a 95 Honda.  This large hot mess of warehouses and trash cluttered streets goes by 2 aliases, first as reported by the hopeful youth ‘East Williamsburg’, and secondly by the more humble of its inhabitants ‘Bushwick.’  Truly it does straddle the line between the expensive and trendy Williamsburg and the worn but more useful industrial zone of Bushwick, I like to think that I live on the E. Williamsburg side, but as I wander through the area I am convinced I must be in Bushwick.

It has been a real challenge adapting to this sort of life coming first from the crystal clean air and sweeping mountains of Albuquerque to live in the bustling and crowded, yet beautiful, East Village was a transition of its own but easily justifiable due to the excitement of Manhattan.  This new move from the city into Brooklyn was luckily slowly graduated by first moving to our Graham Ave apartment which is conveniently located in a neighborhood similar to the East Village.  Still in touch with a slightly younger crowd and easy walking access to my favorite coffee shops I was able to adjust, and more so enjoy, the more open aired and quieter perks of life in Williamsburg.  From Graham to Scholes, where I currently live, is a move farther into the previously unexplored regions of Brooklyn.  Suddenly I find myself amongst real life, away from endless lines of cafes, restaurants, and stores and into warehouses, trucks, and streets that actually empty at nights.  I have spent plenty of time out among the quiet street lining warehouses since joining on to the distillery which nestled into one of these remote streets, but living here is another story all together.  After finally learning to sleep above booming bars and roaming sidewalk parties, the stark silence of a neighborhood that actually sleeps at night is almost eerie.  My now very short walk to work on an early Sunday morning isn’t a navigation through dazed and drunken zombies who somehow are still lurching their way home, but through near deserted  alleys with… birds chirping.  Much to my surprise, and great joy, I found that my new local coffee shop is already open early in the morning and the owner hard at work cranking out coffee for the people who have yet another day of work in front of them in spite of it being Easter Sunday.  It’s all just more practical out here in Bushwick, and frankly quite sobering.

I was at first apprehensive about liking this new and very foreign place, it was a far cry from my high altitude perch in New Mexico and it lacked the overwhelming charm of the city, but just a few nights in of wandering around the area, and some peaceful morning walks, it has already begun to reveal its hidden secrets.  At night small tucked away bars host a normal amount of people, and waltzing among the concrete bunkers feels almost like getting lost in the foothills.  I think that before I write off this neighborhood, it is going to take some real adventuring into what it has to offer.

Onward and Upward!

Yowza!  It has been quite the few weeks.  There is so much to catch up on and yet, it is not quite the right time to do so.  While I am not going to skirt around the subject I am also not going to delve into the vast range of emotions and consequences of the last few weeks.  While the end is heartbreaking, Shannon and I have been extremely mature and understanding with each other about heading our separate ways.  Thank you to all of the friends who have lent such great support to us as we process these changes.  That being said, breakups are the worst!  More to come on this at a much later date.

To the rescue swooped our good friends Colin & Jen who fortunately have an extra beautiful room in their apartment!  After getting new furniture in, and the room all set up I will give a little virtual tour.  Amazingly enough after moving across the country to a new city and being at the mercy of fate to land me in this new place I now live closer to my sister than I have since living at home with her.  Watch out local bars, the Willey’s are coming!

On to real life!  The distillery is gaining momentum and approaching the time when we actually get to expand.  I am really looking forward to the next few weeks which stand to be quite chaotic.

Anyways, much love to you all!  Many many adventures to come,


San Francisco…

Well, it is an extremely trying time for me right now.  Fortunately I have some stellar friends who jumped to my aid and took me in.  That’s all I have for now, I will dissect everything on here later, but until then here are some pictures.