So I have been up and down about what to put up on this blog, whether I should include only the PG rating or even the PG-13!  Shown below in drastic juxtaposition:



Should I write about simply what we have been up to or should I venture into the realm of the philosophical lessons we take away from all of this?  My answer to this has not by any means been consistent and directly correlates to my mood, and thus we have another more emotional sided post.  Maybe I can star them so that you can skim…

There is one reason we came to NY: Experience.  Yes Shannon was in school, and yes I had a job out here, but ultimately we both knew that the real goal of heading out into a new part of the world was to begin to open up our eyes to new experiences.  As soon as we arrived in the city we wasted no time hunting down adventures and seeing what we could possibly see!  It was amazing.  As time passes ultimately real life sets in and you have to focus on progress and actually being real people.  After awhile you remember that this isn’t a vacation and you are actually living in this new place.  Lately this realization has been a real struggle for me.  Suddenly with art school out the window and my job down the drain it was starkly apparent that we weren’t heading anywhere, but simply residing.  Shannon is phenomenal about talking my head out making this a problem, about showing me that we are still living in a new city full of opportunity, but I still feel so antsy!  What is it we are doing?  What can we be tackling right now?  I seem to always want to be asking this question.  Hopefully soon I can sort out this mess with student loans and begin my culinary training, but until that time I hope I can wrench from my head this frightful stagnant feeling.  I have only been here 4 months for heavens sake!

It is funny writing about these things in a blog post.  It really makes me step back from everything I thought I might include in here and say, “you know it really isn’t that bad when it might be scrutinized by other people.”  I sit down so frustrated, brooding over my long day, and what seems like constant misfortune, but at the end of the day I have a fridge of great food to whip up, netflix to watch, and a great bottle of wine to enjoy.  Sure I have now included Two Buck Chuck under the category “great” but I’m sure I can redefine my categories again in a few months!

We are going to continue to battle every curve ball thrown at us out here and turn it into a new opportunity.  Heck Shannon and I both work at world renown places, and we can pay our rent every month.  I have only seen about 1/100th of the area around me. and so we will go forth and adventure more!!!

Here is a picture of one of our new favorite places: BUA


Crazy Sky. View from the fire escape.

Intriguing Lives of Others…

So everything is marching along swimmingly out here.  We have been exploring the city, meeting up with old friends, and indulging  in what the East Villages has to offer: Bars & Restaurants.  Included in some of the pictures below:  Looking out the window to find our future wives/husbands, watching out for Jason Schwartzman (Yes we did actually end up spotting him) Sitting on the fire escape having a beer and enjoying my rarely used old man pipe which I got for my birthday, and much much more.  Our adventures continue today with the arrival of Dan!

One of our favorite things to do from our apartment is to sit in the living room or on the fire escape and take in the sights happening across the street in everyones apartments.  Most people leave their blinds and curtains open all day and night, letting us view into their little worlds.  As voyeuristic as this seems, and is, you can not tear yourself away from the simple tasks that these people are doing all through their houses.  Like bad sitcoms, this is so intriguing.  We haven’t seen anything scandalous, just run of the mill daily household activities, but something is always happening across from us.  It is like our own human fish tank…

Enjoy Some Pictures: